Some show and a lot of tell

I’m so thankful for my sewing friends. I got home yesterday and a wonderful gift was here from SueV. These beautiful pewter buttons and this gorgeous Japanese print fabric. Fabulousness abounds.

Thank you Sue!! As soon as it warms up, this one is going to be a dress. I’m thinking Vogue 8020 or the Knip Mode version of the Bottega Veneta’s dress that Sigrid and Nancy Karpen made.

Which leads me to say that I was using my beloved Japanese red Clover seam ripper to open up buttonholes and the tip snapped clean off. I stood there for a good minute with my jaw open staring at what I hath wrought.

I feel AWFUL. Especially because I came from the kind of family where you ‘saved’ special or nice things. So, as an adult, I rip into anything new because I don’t want to save it! I got it because I wanted to use it! Please, if anyone out there has a connection in Japan, could you please let me know. I would really really like to replace the seam ripper and I’m too embarrassed to ask the woman who got it for me again.

My dad is heading over and we’re going to Thanksgiving dinner at Dandy (My gays across the street. Their names are Dan and Randy = Dandy. And they’re gay. Get it? Dandy? Ok. I’ll stop now). Dad will be in Panama full-time with Mom come Christmas this is sort of our last holiday hurrah in the same state.

My contribution? Pumpkin Spice Cake from Country Living magazine. Country Living and Cottage Living are my favorite home magazines and led me to my ‘Urban Cottage’ decorating style. Rumour has it they are also in trouble along with Domino.

Today’s New York Times has a great story about a Broadway costume designer/beader. You can get it here.

Tomorrow morning will find me at the GAP. I am desperate for this yellow sweater and they are buy one get one free! Wish me luck in the madness.