This Closet?

When the moderators (minus two) were here over the summer, they came up with a PR Awards concept. The honorees were announced here. Apparently my ‘vote early, vote often’ tactic worked because I took home:

Thank you for voting for me! I’m really trying to improve my wardrobe, so this is the push I could use. In celebration of my award, I thought I would show you guys what was voted for:

My teeny 1940 house closets! These are both in the master bedroom. Presumably, his and hers. If I ever get married, they will stay ‘hers and hers’. There’s a basement someone else can use.

I love living in an older home with lots of character. But, I miss multiple outlets on every wall, central air, and walk-in closets.

I haven’t sewn a stitch in the last week. I’m waiting for my Hot Patterns order to come in (two pants, one coat and a dress). So I’ve been working on the scarf and contemplating Christmas crafting. I learned the continental stitch which is faster. Just 800 people ahead of me on Ravelry. Invitation any day now….