Patrones Ninos Giveaway

A coworker is back from Spain and she did her darndest to get me Patrones. And she did. One #274, Especial Fiesta and three Disfraces (#275). Disfraces was totally new to me. And that’s because they are children’s costumes!

I think that ‘PREMIOS CONCURSO’ in the pink circle on the bottom right might mean something like, ‘Hey Cidell! Thought you were getting fabulous clothes for grown women didn’t you? Well NO! This year, we’re trying something new. So you’ll have to beg someone else to get you another Patrones sister!”

There are some SUPER cute costumes in here including Strawberry Shortcake, Peter Pan, a Puss in Boots, Captain Jack, Little Bo Peep, a princess, a can of sardines and a barrel of wine with little grapes.

The directions look WAY longer than they normally are for Patrones and they seem rather elaborate costumes. Remember, Patrones is published in Spanish only.

So, I’m going to keep one just in case I want to make a kids costume for friend (snort). But, the other two, I’m happy to give away for the cost of postage. If you want to be considered for the Disfraces, please leave a comment below.