After posting yesterday, I met up with some girlfriends to see Caroline or Change at our local theater. Following the show, I took some of the advice from the comments and went to a friends to borrow some of her husband’s $150 ties.

I know they are $150 because three still had price tags on them, including some Zegnas I wasn’t allowed to borrow. I wanted to feel them for stiffness so I could figure out if mine was just too stiff (they are). I then destroyed a tie from a ghost of boyfriends past (I found four ties in my house. I’m not sure what that says).

And, this morning before work, I managed to do this (mine is on the right):

Yep. That’s a pretty proper point, eh?

Ok Mom. I know you may recognize this fabric as material you brought for me from Korea like five years ago to make a slipcover for my old sofa. But, it wasn’t really my style and then you gave me your much nicer old sofa. But, lookit! It’s still going to a good cause.)

This generally solves my first problem of a bad tip (I’ll show how I did it later). But, the material I have is still too thick for the six-fold tie pattern I ordered. I have emailed the tie pattern guy and he said he would send me the seven-fold tie pattern that I meant to order for the cost of shipping.

My last problem is the width. I ordered the 4.25 width vs. 3.75 and it’s looking pretty wide to me. I chose it because I figure he’s got a broad chest and I’ve noticed ties are getting thinner or wider. I’m going to try and figure out how to scale down this pattern a 1/4 inch. I should bring it to work and hold it up against someone.
Or, honestly, I might suck it up and draft a pattern for myself using the DPC directions. Which are excellent and saved my butt on this.
Thanks for the words of wisdom and support!