Sewing Christmas Wish List

I’m at home right now waiting for the heating repair folks. My heat went out overnight and it is COLD. Here’s hoping my 30 year old furnace is fine 🙂 ** ETA: Heat is back on and I’m off to work. It was an easy (free) fix!

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a couple of Christmas wish list items.

I love these pink Clover scissors. I know Fiskars and some other folks are making pink scissors, but I like the little holster these come with. Kinda shows that they are dangerous somehow!

I still want to quilt, but I can’t bite the bullet on the fabric. So, if I had a sewing Christmas wishlist, I would put some fat quarter packets on it.

This one is just about my vintage!

Having a large fat quarter set, I would get started on the Single Girl quilt.

There is also great crafty themed jewelry on Etsy. Lindsay T posted about a fun bracelet today too.

How much do we love this by chrysdesignsjewelry?

yarn balls by Maria Cavalerro

And this ruler bracelet by bronzegirl?

On a non-sewing note, I want a pair of uggs for Christmas (notice I write that lowercase because I think it was smart and sneaky to copyright ‘uggs’. That’s like copyrighting ‘sneakers’.) I really, really, really want a pair and have told anyone who will listen.

Either the super tall one of the ‘cove’ style below. Yes, I prefer them in cream and I know they would get filthy. But, they are so pretty.

Why I didn’t buy the non-copyrighted uggs when I was in New Zealand several years ago with my mom for $80, I’ll never know. I guess I didn’t think they would still be popular. Clearly, I am not a predictor of trends!