Ringing in the New Year

I have had some fun, some dismal and some low-key New Year’s Eves. Last year was the great ‘I will never sew for other people‘ incident. The year before I played poker through the night with my date and friends. One year I had benihana at some strip mall on the Tennessee/Kentucky border *shudder*.

This year, I spent it with my other favorite redhead (Trena is the other one) seeing a great show at our local theater. Following that, the theater had dinner, a live jazz band, dancing and a champagne toast.

So, let’s begin 2009 with a new garment! A girl’s gotta have a new dress for New Year’s Eve, right? Originally, I was making this Hot Patterns dress to Meet the Parents. But, I didn’t finish it on time. So, here is the Wong Singh Jones Kimono Dress for 2009!

The construction is pretty straightforward for those used to BWOF style directions. Hot Patterns has it listed as Advanced Beginner and that’s about right. They have also added some photos since I made a pattern from them which are helpful.

And, I don’t know how I did this, but the front doesn’t hang straight. I cut the skirt wonky. Actually, I think I reversed the front pieces and have the side seams to the front… Machts Nichts!

I did shorten the shoulders by 1/2 inch in addition to taking in the dress another 1/2 inch along the front princess seams. It was broad in the front but the back fit me perfectly. Taking in at the front means the seams don’t fall directly over my bust apex. LOVE the modest neckline in the wrap!! I had to take some ease out of the skirt along the side hips to eliminate some gathering (but not the pooling) at my back waist.

The ties I cut by almost six inches I think. I thought they were going to be too long. But, I think they are supposed to wrap around twice (and probably should due to the construction there). I think next time I still need to make a swayback adjustment.

I added several inches to the skirt length and the skirt bands to get this length just below my knees with a narrow hem. I think the skirt would be on the short side as drafted. The pattern says it’s supposed to be at the knee and that it’s drafted for someone 5’8. I am 5’7 on a good day. I would measure and see if it’s where you want it to hit before cutting into the fabric.

The waist tie section is different. You add an interfaced facing for stabilisation (especially if you choose to add the button closures). I didn’t add buttons and it stayed closed fine. But, I did interface the facing. I chose not to add the buttons because I think I should have gone done a size for the waist and it wouldn’t have been as snug as I wanted.

Overall, I’m happy with the dress. I want to make more in different color combos and will be ordering some rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics today! I can see this being my go-to with a nice beefy knit. This one is from Jomar in Philly and was $1 or $2 a yard. The contrast is from Metro Textiles, $8 a yard. So, about a $10 dress.

This is my second Hot Patterns and I have to tell you, I’m a little in love. Not only is the sizing seemingly made for me, but I HEART the styles! I have about four more in the stash. I know that we can buy patterns for far less from the Big Box Stores, but Trudy and Jeremy are living the dream (at least my dream) and if I can help them do that, while they support the home sewing industry, I’m all about it. Think of their patterns like shopping at your local farmers market. Besides, if you make something up a couple of times, I say you’ve gotten your money out of it.

Happy New Year!!


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