The Same Resolutions

I’m sticking with the same resolutions from last year when it comes to sewing. But, I’ll add this: No more orphans.

My personal resolutions are about the same every year, one is the same one since middle school. I’m also going to try and keep track of them here, which means to scope of my blog is changing. I was going to start a new blog related to resolutions, but, I am too lazy. And laziness, is what’s caused most of the resolutions below:

  1. Keep my nails manicured myself (unless I’m in Panama where it’s only $3 for a manicure)
  2. Stop eating out for lunch and cook more. Each year I do a tally and it makes me nauseous how much money I spend eating out. Especially for lunch.
  3. Spend money like I’m broke. I’m too old to still be admiring people who have fat savings accounts and wondering how they do it.
  4. Buy more local food. In Panama it was all local and so much better tasting and better for me. I think new jobs really come from small businesses that create jobs. So, I need to support the little man and think more about my food.

Yep. That’s it for this year and, I’m off to a good start.

I did my own mani for New Year’s Eve using an old OPI whose label has since worn off and a $1 polish from one of the many beauty supply / wig stores available in parts of the City called ‘Mardi Gras’. You can see it in the photo of the RED CLOVER SEAM RIPPER!!!! YES! I love my blog readers. Ginerva totally came through and they showed up this week! I have offered to name my first born Ginerva or Clover but she said that was not needed.

So, I have a dozen cookbooks. Half are Cooks Illustrated. I never fail with Cooks, so most of the recipes are from there. I’m not going to publish the recipes here because it’s in violation of the copyright. But, many many other people have done so. A quick online search and you should be able to find the recipe.

Food, Week 1:

Friday night. Butternut squash pasta from Cooks Illustrated, January 2009. It’s ok. I had to add a lot more pepper, salt, olive oil and parmesean to get the flavor where I wanted it. I also used whole grain pasta and penne from the shelf.

Saturday morning, cinnamon rolls (Baking Illustrated). I accidentally put in an obscene amount of butter. Still good. But, obscene.

Saturday night, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to take to a ‘knit and knosh’. I am a terrible knitter. More on that later.

I’m making chicken tonight because I started to defrost it before I realized that the pasta was enough to eat twice a day for a week. And I think you can’t refreeze once defrosted, right?

I might have a skirt finished this week. Maybe even today. Very exciting