For the love of purple

The Ravens are in the playoffs. So, City Hall is bathed in a beautiful purple for them. I don’t watch football. I don’t hate it and I don’t resent it. I just kind of ignore it.

But, I hope they keep winning so I can keep seeing this every day.

This is Wolman Building next door.

I’m making the ‘Irish Cable Scarf’ and I have frogged (ripped out) this scarf for the third time. I had a good 40 rows this time. Why? Only one of the three cables had actually cabled and I decided the rest was a hot mess (no photos of that). Saturday night I met up with about six women from work who are all avid knitters. They were working on the most beautiful gloves, socks, sweaters and accessories. Seeing their work kind of me made me start over because I want to feel good about my project.

Knitting has taught me so much patience for beginner sewists. But, I don’t remember being this slow and this bad when I started sewing in high school. Was I oblivious to my clothes? Or, I just care more now about handcrafts?

But, I also realized I couldn’t talk, listen, eat or drink while knitting. I have to think too much!


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