Next Year’s Christmas Gifts

After reading Lindsay T.’s post on the $975 sewing kit, I decided to google ‘sewing kits’ and see what came up.

Imagine the pitter patter of my little heart when the ‘Sew Perfect’ plaid sewing kit came up! Burberry like plaid and a sewing kit.

It’s pitched as a wedding favor and at $1.50 each I want a box to give out for Christmas next year to co-workers.

Christina said I should change the label/tag to ‘Hem your own damn pants’ and hand them to anyone who asks. I won’t lie. I laughed so hard I had to clean coffee off the computer.


  1. I love, love, love your KP skirt–it’s so much more elegant than the Stitches version.

    And congrats on the new WP site–we dumped blogger last year, and have been very, very happy with the change to WP.

    • So far, I like it. But, I’ve always liked change! It’s seems to be easier to maneuver. Especially for my MAC.

  2. It IS a really cool skirt…it has class, sophistication and dignity, but with a “twist”…my favorite kind of clothing!

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