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Hey Kids,

It would appear that you really like Knip Mode’s design for the April 2008 skirt. I have to give all the praise to the designers at Knip Mode. I couldn’t have made this up if I tried. What I really like is that I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere.

Many of you have asked how to get a hold of this edition of Knip Mode. I got it through the lovely and generous-of-her-time Sigrid. The only resources I know of are ebay (check ebay.nl too). You can also try emailing Knip Mode for a back issue. Outside of the Netherlands can email serviceteam@sanoma-uitgevers.nl I understand that they will respond in English.

I’m also willing to give away my tracing of the pattern. It’s a 38 with a two size upgrade in the lower thigh (not hip). I’m normally a BWOF 38 in the waist and this was a little big.

If you would like to be entered, please leave a comment below. There is a caveat: you must have commented on the blog more than once in the past year and swear you’ll make it. No pattern hoarding please ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll do the random drawing on Monday. If you’re wondering if I’m allowed to give it away, I’m not really sure. ETA: Diva Els emailed me privately with a translation. I’ve shot off an email to Knip Mode and will keep you posted. I checked the copyright:

Knip Mode behoudt het recht -tenzij anders overeengekomen met de auteur- ingezonden materiaal in te korten en aan te passen. Dit geldt zowel voor tekst- als muziek- en beeldmateriaal.

Een bezoeker/ster van Knip Mode mag geen auteursrechtelijke beschermde werken of andere in Knip Mode opgeslagen informatie openbaar maken of verveelvoudigen zonder toestemming van Sanoma-Uitgevers BV (ook niet via een eigen netwerk).

And I don’t read Dutch. But, I’m not trying to make money from it and if it gets the word of Knip Mode out, I’m all about it. If you tell me that this says ‘Don’t do it’, I’ll void the drawing.

Caveat #2: I am slow as all heck when it comes to mailing. I go to the PO once a month and it may take me several weeks to mail to you. Those last two Patrones giveawaysย are still waiting and Arielle waited several months before I got to the post office.

On the cutting table: I’ve got a pair of pants cut out. But, we all know that lined pants take me at least three weeks to work out. I’ll try and show a little more about them over the weekend. We’ve got a long weekend coming up for MLK and I’m taking off Tuesday. So, maybe we can make three weeks become four days :).



  1. I PROMISE I’ll make it…I think it is as fly as I don’t know what. I’m not patient, but that’s what ordering fabric is for – take all the time in the world when sending the pattern. lol

  2. Miss Celie – I have to admit I have not posted to your site – at all. While I would love that skirt pattern – rules are rules!! I will admit to reading your blog faithfully for the last 4-6 months and because of you, I now NEED the tie making book and added burdaenglish to my list in Google Reader.
    I do have to wonder where you get your time to crank out so many garments…that has perplexed me!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for a great blog site…I am learning so much from you!!

  3. hey, that’s great, ok, I’d never comment your blog yet, but I found your rules so great I wanted to say it ! do not worry, I’m not asking to be entered, I’m a 34 and I already hold this knipmode issue! Anyway, I want to make this skirt, but do not know yet when and in which fabric ๐Ÿ˜‰ And also, I want to make a tie for my beloved but I am not sure I will be able to understand the tie making book in english :/

    have fun

  4. Cidell, I can’t remember if I’ve commented more than once on your blog, but I do pop by almost every day. All, I know is, you put me to shame and I’m a damn good seamstress. Well, I was before I got burned out on wedding and prom dresses. A girl can take only so much fuchsia and royal blue satin before going cuckoo. Slowly, but surely my mojo is coming back. I’d give the skirt a shot. Why not? Put my name in the hat.

  5. Oh, I had a good loud laugh at your ‘Copyright’ plea. The law here states that ignorance (in this case, of the Dutch language) will not exempt you from punishment…..LOL….(This is what the police would tell you if caught in a traffic violation). I could probably guess at what it is saying but Sigrid should be able to tell you exactly.

  6. I covet that pattern.

    And I THINK I have commented in the past year. I can’t swear to it though. Wait, wait…..I think I said something about your ties. And probably other stuff before that!

  7. I absolutely adore your skirt… BUT, as a rectangle, my guess is it’s not for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Your rules are perfect and I’ll keep them in mind for my next giveaway. It’s nice to bring your readers out of lurkdom :))
    Have a fab weekend! Here in La La Land it’s 82 in shade, how’s your weather :))

  8. I love your skirt. I am a terrible pattern stasher. Is there a time limit, say 5 years? Any shorter than that and I don’t think I would be eligible! I really enjoy your blog, although I do not comment very often. Your blog is so much fun that there are usually 10 people ahead of me saying what I would like to say in a much more clever fashion.

  9. I LOVE the skirt. I’ve been trying to figure out how to draft it. If I were to receive the pattern, I wouldn’t have to do all that thinking !!! Love your blog.


  10. I adore your skirt, but I think I’ll pass on the contest, just because I have so many projects in the queue that I wouldn’t be able to get to it in a timely fashion. Love the new blog, too. I’m starting to think of relocating my blog too.

  11. Almost positive I’ve commented more than once – I know I tried a couple times where it didn’t ‘take’ & I lost it.

    I love that skirt – and have been trying to figure out if I could make one without the pattern (probably beyone my newbie skills at this time) ! You did a fabulous job on it ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one I could definitely promise to make !

  12. I’m pretty sure I’ve commented before, I talk alot. Even on line. When I have two cents, I’m usually willing to give it. And I promise to make the skirt. AND I’ll even promise to trace the tracing and pass it on one more time. I ordered new tracing paper today, and will ready with my Sharpy.

  13. No doubt. That is a gorgeous skirt! I”ll decline being in the running for it… but it’s really cool! Wouldn’t it be great in dupioni with a funky top for something formal??

  14. If you are willing to post OS then count me in. I am hoping I have posted a comment on your blog this year – I know I read it all the time! love that skirt and I am very curious to see a Knipmode magazine.

  15. Love your skirt. Love your blog. Am insanely jealous of your fabulous figure.

    I order my copies of KnipMode from http://www.sewingpatterns.eu/en/. You can change the site from Dutch to English and they ship internationally. Also you can pay through paypal.
    It usually only takes a couple of days for me to get my copy (I’m in England).

  16. Luckily, I have an in so I already have the skirt traced. `-) Another source for Knip Mode comes from the very helpful Susan Smith, who commented on my pleat front skirt, http://theslapdashsewist.blogspot.com/2009/01/knip-mode-pencil-skirt-with-pleats.html:

    “You can get KnipMode from http://www.naaipatronen.nl, I don’t know how mich the postage will be as I live in the UK, click on the british flag for the english version of the website”

    I went to the website and they have a ton of back issues, although unfortunately they don’t have any clues about the contents of each issue (like a photo of the summary line drawing page). I didn’t try to order anything so I don’t know if it would have all worked out, but it looks like a great resource.

  17. Hi, Don’t need the pattern, though it looks lovely on you. Been reading your blog for a while now,. Was going to give you a translation of the copyright, but then saw you ETA.

    Good luck with this.

  18. Oh, wouldn’t this look cool in plaid?!? Pick me! Well, if you can legally give it away, that is.

  19. I don’t do lined pants – I do …pant petticoats? Ambiance pocketless affairs, a simple lingerie elastic at the waist, above-ankle length, serged. They take 20mn. I can wash them 2-3 times before I wash the wool pants. They keep things sliding if I decide it’s time to pull out the microfleece long johns. They keep the pants from wrinkling. All the same things as linings, only much faster and more flexible..

  20. Cidell, I honestly can’t remember if I’ve posted more than once to your blog during the past year, but I would LUV to have the pattern. It is “sew: Deb. I promise it will be my first sewing project in over 10 years. :-O

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