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Timestamp: 2009-01-19 16:56:08 UTC

So, in deciding to make the 9-2007 BWOF pants, I decided I should make a jacket too. I realize I’ve been avoiding jackets the last 1.5 years because I want to incorporate more tailoring elements and am honestly just kind of  overwhelmed by the entire process.  So, I went and chose something I’ve made before:

BWOF Seersucker Jacket, May 2007

I popped this jacket on to check fit yesterday and found like 20 missing business cards from Egypt. I have searched HIGH and low for those cards. Why can’t my missing black knit fabric be in the pocket too??  At anyrate, I like this jacket. But, it’s unlined and has never had enough structure for me. This time I made a broad back adjustment (although in retrospect, I think I wanted to make a rounded back adjustment).

I’ve also drafted a pattern for a back stay and have cut out  a fusible weft to stabilize the front and shoulder area. I’ve cut them big lest they shrink on me during the fusing.

I’m at Trena’s now in DC although I’m not staying for the Innaguration on the Mall. She’s working on a coat and I’m tracing out Amy Butler bag patterns.  Tomorrow, I’m going to sew and watch the festivities on the telly.


  1. You know about preshrinking your fusibles right? I’ll assume you do unless you ask for details, cos no need to drone on if you are there already!


    PS Hope all enjoy the whole Inauguration hoopla – certainly a big occasion, it’s even all over tv here too!

  2. I love that jacket. Have fun with it! And have fun watching the festivities tomorrow. I’ll have them on the web in the background. I have to work, alas!

  3. Congrats to Reethi. Check out my post today, I don’t think I’ll need your pattern after all.

    Yes, of course the pants need a matching jacket! Just go for it!

  4. I love that jacket! I’ve never noticed it before. Unlined suits my climate, so I think I need to drag out my old BWOFs and see if I have this one. This is what I love about reading other blogs – you get inspiration when you least expect it! Thanks.

  5. The thing with jackets is that there is no instant gratification but there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you finish one. Yes, there are more steps but if you are making a jacket in wool, it is such a pleasure to sew and mold especially now that you have that gravity feed iron.

  6. Don’t you hate it when you loose things. I only recently found an amber necklace I bought while OS in August last year and thought I had lost. However I have lost a beautiful mother-of-pearl buckle I bought a while back and it is driving me crazy! Maybe I should check some pockets too.

  7. I like that jacket too. I am so very excited about the Inauguration that I didn’t sleep a wink last night and hope to stay awake all day to see it online. It must be sooooo cold out there in DC! Seeing it on telly with a nice cup of hot chocolate is definitely more comfortable.
    But you’ve got to admit the contagious excitement of such a humongous body of people is a once in a lifetime experience that is hard to miss/beat.

  8. Very cute jacket — can’t wait to see your more structured version! Once you start tailoring, you’ll get addicted, because those inner construction details really make a difference.

  9. I love, love, love this jacket! Can’t wait to see it with improvements. (I think it looks great already!)

  10. I remember when you made this jacket, and this time around you will love it 10X more. Isn’t it amazing how much we’ve all grown in our sewing skills in the last couple of years?

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