It’s all in the details…

1.  Seriously. These glasses are too much. I love glasses. I in fact own a dozen pairs. But, please. Don’t let this be the next trend. I tried ugly glasses because I wanted to be cool. They aren’t. We do love the white tie tux though. 2. Cocktail ring on Michelle!! Love it. 3.  Did Jay-Z pledge Delta?4. Bangle bracelets too! I love the costume jewelry. 5. My favorite things, the brooches and pins. Look at Beyonce in her too tight dress! I ADORE the huge pin at the fron. 7. And Mary J. Blige looked so good I went to the gym this morning. Knifed up or not, she looks amazing. See the dragon fly? How sexy is that?



  1. I am with you on the glasses which I have not seen since my high school days in the 80s. I do not see that school boy glasses look coming back. J-zay looked like a dork.

    I have big hips and it is not a good idea wrap lots a fabric around that area. Probably not a great idea for Beyonce because it does give the appearance that the dress is tight. However, I loved the dress Robin Roberts from Good America wore last night and the purple was a great color for her.

  2. Ok, I almost died laughing at your commentary. I HATE the ugly glasses trend. And all the fellas seem to be doing it. Jay-Z’s been throwing up “the roc” sign for a long time, but every Delta I know Ooh oops him when they see it (LOL). And I want Mary’s body…STAT.

  3. I hate those glasses! My first thought was to snatch them off of his face! I am cracking up over the “knifed up” Mary J. comment! I love some Mary, but everytime I see her dressed to the nines, I think she would look ten times better sans all of the tats!

  4. I am not an Obama fan, but I loved the fashion! I love how Michelle and her daughters dress, and I love that she dresses her girls on a budget, in a price range that real people can afford!

  5. It was just a glittering, fantastic day! My heart is still full-and I wish I could have been the one making Michelle’s dress. I did make a dress for a Governor’s Ball here in Montana a few years ago. I thought it might lead to more work of that kind, but alas, it didn’t. Not from the Governor’s office, anyway.

  6. I loved the First Lady’s coat and dress for the ceremony. I would have never though to put them with those olive green gloves and shoes – I really liked it! Her dress today at the National Cathedral is also gorgeous- it’s a tight, modest bodice with elbow length sleeves, and the skirt part flares out and hits the knee. The pattern of the fabric is to die for.

  7. Michelle, honey – if you ever feel the need to give up a couple of inches of height – I’m here and just waiting and will be oh, so grateful. What an amazing beautiful woman she is. I thought she looked regal and gorgeous yesterday – stylish, fashionable but also regal (and wool lace!!! whoohoo!! Who knew?). Jill Biden, in her too short skirt, too short red coat, and high boots just looked as if she were trying too hard to look young…and frankly with the cold, she paid for the lack of coverage by the end of the day. She looked cold and miserable – whereas Michelle, in her layers of wool lace (I’m smitten) just kept right on chugging on down the road. The white dress was not my favorite – I think Michelle looks better in good strong colors – she has the complexion for it and should go for it. Jill Biden made the opposite choice – I don’t think either the red color or the topless and sleeveless look was helpful to her. The Obama girls were just plain adorable. They always look great and do their parents proud.

  8. My father used to wear glasses like those – when I was a kid. I loved the bangles. I hadn’t noticed the ring until now. And Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce…. tight isn’t right. I love Mary J, surgeried or no!

  9. So wonderful FINALLY to see some opinions on the wardrobe! I also loved the yellow suit — great color, fantastic styling (closeup shots revealed that it had very interesting shaping seams in the coat), and I am eager to see what the dress itself looks like on a warmer day. I didn’t like the ball gown as much (I liked the one-shoulder feature and the sparkle but not the fluff, and not the full skirt — Michelle can look so sleek in a slimmer skirt that I would have liked her to go for that — Jason Wu said he wanted it to be white and shiny but he could have kept all that and still done more careful shaping to fit. Politically, I haven’t managed to get my feet down on the ground yet — I am so thrilled at this return to civil liberties and transparency. Cidell, if you work at the State Dept or something similar, then you know that today the career foreign service went bananas over Hillary’s arrival.

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