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I’d like to thank  Ann, Linda, Cindy Lou, and Tanya for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger award. But, I’m going to take the easy way out and point you to both Carolyn and Sigrid‘s posts. Many of the people I’m thinking of have already been nominated, and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed the last few weeks and have not gotten to explore the newer blogs out there. I hope that doesn’t sound cruddy because you have been very loyal readers and generous in your comments (like Carolyn, I too am a comment ho).

The one exception to my exploring new blogs is Toby Wollin’s Kitchen Counter Economics. Last night I read several great posts and immediately added it to my RSS feed. It’s good reading and if you’re short on time, I have to point you to this post and this post. I’ve been trying to clean up the house to post for a roommate. I want to reach that six month’s salary in the bank and it’s not going to happen without someone to share my expenses. I was feeling kind of… umm…. too old to have a roommate. But, her blog knocked that thought right out of my head.



  1. Good for you, Cidell! So how does one locate a non-crazy roommate? Perhaps I’ve seen too many movies 🙂

  2. Cidell — Mwah! (that’s a smooch, kid) KCE is really just getting started – I haven’t done any posts on sewing/repairs yet, but I just discovered a snag and hole in a sweater dress, so that’s next up!

  3. Cidell, my husband and I kicked out all our roommates (we’ve had up to three at a time!) when our daughter was born. But we eventually had to other roommates (a friend and a friend of a friend and my step-sister.) I have friends in the 40s, 50s and 60s who live in communal living situations. (okay, some of these guys are hippies, but still, it’s an acceptable way to live!)

    The friend of a friend is a good choice because if you hate living with each other, you won’t have ruined a friendship. I say put the word out to your friends that you’re looking for a roommate. Someone is bound to know someone who is looking for a place.

    I suggest charging them rent that includes a share of the mortgage and utilities because there’s nothing so painful as trying to get a check for utilities from the roommates. (people are usually good about paying rent but often slack at utilities!)

  4. No Kinda about it! 🙂 You’re absolutely creative. I am always amazed at your projects, but I come to the blog because of your “voice”. Have a good weekend!

  5. Well, YOUR blog is one of the ones I read a couple of posts of, and then hit subscribe. You deserve the reward! 😀 I wanna be you when I grow up. :p

  6. I nominated you today on my blog, but it looks like a few ladies beat me to it. You are very talented and I love your work!

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