One more fashion related post

My good friend bought this Milly dress last month for a whopping $360.


Dr. Jill Biden wore it to the innaguration. See the video on MSNBC here

Butterick 5314
Butterick 5314


Do you think if I offered to make this for my friend she would pay me $360? Holy cow.



  1. Offer to make it for $275. She’d think she stole it, and you’d continue to think what you do about her clothing common sense, while being handsomely rewarded for your cleverness!

  2. …and if you go to Hancock’s this weekend, you can get Buttericks for 1.99. I just got me a pattern I’ve had my eye on for a little while.

    In your estimates you haven’t calculated how much your valuable time is worth!

    love your blog.

  3. LOL at this post. I’m impressed that you found the pattern and fabric for the Milly that your friend bought at retail. It’s a lovely dress. BTW, I was at Hancock’s today to take advantage of the $1.99 sale. They had nothing, Nada. Zilch. I guess the early birds caught all the worms 😦

  4. Is that a new pattern? What a great eye you have to find that. I would have overlooked it. It goes to show what a little styling can do!

  5. I can not believe they would pay that! I think once you sew and realize how little it costs it is hard to pay big bucks for simple dresses! Thanks for sharing that info, makes me feel kinda good!hehe

  6. Wow! your friend is doing her best to stimulate the economy (said with a friendly smile). It’s nice to think about how people save/spend money. I probably spend a spend more on patterns and fabric, notions, etc, but not on ready-made clothing….

  7. Jill Biden wore THAT dress – with the teeny little sleeves? And then just that red coat on top and the high boots(I’ll bet she wore nude hose with it too). Well, no wonder she looked all miserable and cold. She wasn’t wearing anything near what she needed to wear for that time outside. Wow. Now I understand why she looked so unhappy and cold and Michelle Obama looked so nice and warm. Layers and sleeves, girls — layers and sleeves!!

  8. Hancock has their Butterick patterns on sale for $1.99 I think just this weekend. I really think you could rock that dress.

  9. I want to make that dress; what a great weight-lifting motivator. These old arms just ain’t what they used to be 😉

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