Podcast Number 8

It’s Superbowl Sunday and I’m going to the movies! Trena and I talk January and the new February Burdas, sewing mantras / commandments for 2009 (mine is Thou Shalt Not Craft Without a Ring Upon Thine Finger), and current projects.

You can get it from iTunes , download with the link below or go to our Podcast site to listen live.


  1. I am so annoyed that I haven’t gotten my Burda yet. Last month I got it early, so god forbid they should manage that two months in a row!

  2. I just listened to your podcast for the first time. You two are great together; I really enjoyed it and I didn’t think that I would because I don’t love talk shows. But, sewing is another thing altogether.

  3. With that teaser of a title, I HAD to go to the podcast.
    I’ll be gearing up for Mardi Gras and the weirder the costume the better.

  4. Great podcast! It’s interesting to put a voice with a photo. That was very interesting. Thank you.


  5. Great podcast, I love your easygoing chatty style. It’s funny about the boyfriend sweater, I learned what that means just recently. I always thought that it was similar to the boyfriend jeans, i.e. something cute and sexy that you wear off his back, LOL! … boy was I wrong. We don’t have that saying here in Sweden

  6. I was listening to the two of you in bed last night…and I was literally laughing out loud! You guys are fun. I have saved the February issue section for when I get my issue.

  7. I enjoying the podcast. I’m still waiting for my Feb BWOF, but I was able to follow along with the January issue. It was delightful conversation–those carnival costumes are very strange. I couldn’t resist searching flickr for the other betty shopper. It looks like a case of ‘great minds think a like” but what a bummer that it looked the same. Oh well, here’s to selecting unique fabrics and placing them in unique (and flattering!) combinations!

  8. Great podcast… Lol at the both of you wanting small pockets on the front of your blouses. Whereas, I want to make pants with small back pockets to give the illusion of a bigger backside…lol

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