Weekender Part I: Gathering Supplies

Ugh. I have to take my pockets off the jacket because they are too low (like in the lining seam allowance) and possibly need to remake them (smaller). So, in the meantime, here’s a peak at what I’ll also  (theoretically) be sewing in February.


Home dec fabric from Joann: $24     Zippers: $10.00   Cording: $1.50  False Bottom: $1 Interfacing: Stash (but Peltex 71 on sale Valentine’s weekend if I need it)

I’d like to make this for the handbag contest on PatternReview.com which started on Feb. 1. I hear it’s tough sewing and that prayers are needed in the construction. So it’ll all be done on my beloved vintage Morse and if need be, on my friend Lilia’s industrial. I still need to order real purse feet. I love the button idea, but I want real ones for this.

It took me a while to emotionally let go of the $20 a yard Vespa print. It still hurts a little. But, how CUTE would it have been??


  1. I loved the Vespa print too, but paused at $19.50 a yard on equilter. The fabric you have is super cute; it will make a great bag.

  2. Personally, I loved sewing the weekender!

    Sewing is it is sorta tough, but mostly because of the 100 layers you’re sewing at once. To avoid all the thick layers, I trimmed al the SA from the interfacing. This left me with a nice guide for sewing, and saved me some needles. I also basted pretty much all the piping first and that helped, too. (Final product: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=276526.msg3127901#msg3127901 )

    Absolutely love your fabric choices!

  3. It’s just the needlepoint plastic template. Quilting plastic templates work also. Both were at Joann’s.

  4. Oh I love those fabrics. I can’t wait to see the finished bag. Also, please let us know where you get the real bag feet. g

  5. Lordy, that Vespa fabric is cuuuuuute! Okay, I need to put the cc down and step away from the computer! You still make wonderful fabric choices and your bag will be smashing. 🙂

  6. Great fabrics for the Weekender. I used Peltex for my weekender and it really makes a difference. I also fused the two layers of interfacing. I trimed the Peltex after sewing the pieces together, helps quite a bit. Do you have a piping foot? If not and one is available for your machine, run out and buy it. Makes all the difference in the world. I bought purse feet for my weekender, keeps the bottom of your bag from getting dirty. I inserted them through the bottom of the bag and then used plastic canvas for the bottom. It is a very rewarding project, you will need to make the Sophia to match.

  7. I made this bag from Amy Butler fabric and ended up spending a fortune on the whole thing. And it’s a cute bag, but not practical for frequent use.
    I applaud your choice of a cheaper fabric.

  8. I LOVE my weekender. I get compliments everytime I carry it. My whole family has requested one, but alas I only have patience for 1 every 6 months. I didn’t research mine before I made it, but looking back I wish I had. The one change I wish I would have made? Adding side pockets to the inside, to hold the smaller items. Good Luck, love the fabric

    my bag http://www.flickr.com/photos/27032857@N02/2526081695/

    inspiration bags

    Morning Glory Shoulderbag
  9. Oooh…I can’t wait to see this finished! I haven’t sewn an Amy Butler pattern yet, but there are several I want to try and this is one of them. Tell us how hard it is…maybe it won’t be that bad. BTW, the Vespa fabric is too cute, but I’m with ya on the $20/yd. Ouch!

  10. When you’re ready to be declared insane, just email me. This bag is totally a workout, but the end result is great. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around finishing the one I started for my SIL.

  11. I heard you talking about this on the podcast, and I do love the fabric. Will you be fusing interfacing to the shell of the bag? If so, I would probably go ahead and sew it straight on print since it is off grain. I don’t think the grain will be much of an issue with the bag, especially if you are going to fuse some heavy duty interfacing to it. I have made a few bags, and although some of those super bulky seams can be tricky, it’s always so fun to make one. I can’t wait to see this finished puppy.

  12. thanks for the link to the vespa fabric! I bookmarked fabricworm.com! I LOVE their fabrics!

  13. I love the fabrics you chose. You are a brave soul to sew this bag! Can’t wait to hear about the construction process. Hope it’s “seamless”. It’s corny Tuesday….

  14. What kind of purse feet do you need? I bought a huge supply of silver ones back when I was selling handbags and still have a ton left over. I’ll happily send you some if you’d like.

  15. My mom just made me throw pillows out of both of those fabrics! I love them, but a bag will be even better!

  16. Seriously…want to do one for cash? I need that bag and my skills are more “crazy like a bag lady” than mad skillz. *grin* Let me know what would be compensation (yeah, I can barter fabric instead if that’s better!).

  17. I will be anxious to watch your progress on the bag! I have the pattern and hope to one day go for it!!!

  18. OOH! I love this bag. The scooters would have been fabulous too!! Do you advertise on your blog by any chance?

  19. I can’t wait to read about your process in making this bag. I’ve had my eye on it (thanks to patternreview) for a while now because it is so cute!

  20. This is going to be great.
    I’m liking the idea of fusing all the interfacing. I’m thinking about that fusible web and a stiff formflex rather than peltex. hmmm.
    BTW, on the jacket pockets – you didn’t do anything wrong. On a short jacket the pocket bag can’t help but extend into the hem allowance. They aren’t really functional pockets, ya know?
    In my silk tweed jacket, with the pockets built into the peplum, I have hem stitches hemming to the pocket bag. It’s all covered up by the lining, so don’t sweat it.

  21. I am so glad to see you will be posting on this- I have had the weekender pattern cut for a year and just haven’t found the motivation to start. I am hoping this may be the inspiration I have needed. Thanks so much for your blog- I have been reading it for quite some time and it helped me get the courage to attempt sewing clothes – Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!

  22. Mmmmm that is seriously yummy fabric you have there! I am soo jealous that you have the ability and gumption to tackle this- I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!!!!!

  23. I’m so late. Tonight I wondered why I wasn’t getting updates from Miss Celie’s Pants in Bloglines.

    Doh! You moved.

    Okay. Now I’m up to speed.

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