Weekender Part II: Making the interfacing

Last year it was reported that Timtex (the heavy duty interfacing) was not being made anymore. So, the great minds at Amy Butler wrote an update for most of their bags using Peltex and Shape-Flex. Both are available at Joanns. They use the non-fusible Peltex and the fusible Shape Flex in conjunction to approximate the feel of Timtex. And, all interfacing will be 50% off at Joann’s over Valentine’s Day weekend. So, stock up my peeps.

In the stash I have a fusible Peltex and a fairly stiff non-woven interfacing from West Coast PR Weekend in Los Angeles last spring. I’m going to use these two instead. Why?  Because I already have them on hand 🙂 dscf7495The update also has you trim the seam allowance on the Peltex by 1/2 inch  prior to construction (above). Previously, you would trim it away from the seam allowance after sewing. So, when I made my frankenterfacing, I trimmed the Peltex, fused it to the no-name stiff interfacing (below) and will attach these panels to the fabric.


(The nailpolish is Recycle by China Glaze)


You can see how stiff it is in the photos above and below.


I’ve worked a little on this bag every night this week cutting out the main fabric, lining, piping,  interfacing and fusing. But, I’m about done for now. I need more Peltex for the false bottom and the smaller width piping. This weekend I go back to my sad little blazer. dscf7491I’ve neglected it and let it reside on a spare corner of my ironing board. I need to do a wee bit more sewing on the lining, press a hem into place and make a decision on the pockets. Gah. By the time it’s done it’ll be too warm for a winter weight men’s wool blazer!


  1. Your jacket is too cool to neglect. Besides, it will be cold for another month at least. Good news on the Timtex front. My suppliers have announced that it will be available again so I ordered some for my business. I get lots of people asking for it, so I was so happy to see it in the coming soon category. It should appear in local sewing stores soon, I think.
    Your bag is looking good so far 🙂

  2. That is some pretty stiff interfacing! Keep plugging on the jacket, although I feel your pain; I often shuffle something aside when it’s not coming out right. I feel as if I ought to work on something that loves me more and will cooperate. Yes, my dearly beloved laughs at me, but he’s learned not to remind me that inanimate objects are incapable of loving me.

  3. Great looking jacket so far, I’d love to see the completed version! You know, I’ve a jacket sitting around waiting for me to put in buttonholes? That’s it. And yet I can’t get to it.

  4. Thanks for showing the interfacing steps for your bag. As far as the jacket goes, I say men’s weight wool is perfect for highly air conditioned summers!

  5. I was just reviewing your posts and saw that you are taking drafting classes. Those are the exact courses I was looking into a few months ago, but haven’t been able to fit it into my life currently. Please keep us updated on your opinions about the courses and instruction, and if it was worth the investment.

  6. Unless you don’t plan on finishing it before mid-April I think you will be just fine! And there is always the fall!!!!

  7. Funny, but I’ve always considered a menswear wool close to a tropical weight wool, which, in my world has always been suitable year round – that is until I moved down south here! So finish the jacket. You’ll love it as soon as you do.
    Love the info on the bag – but even more important is the nail polish info. 😉
    I’m dreaming about making a bag. I’m checking out home dec fabrics at work. I have about 6 planned already…we wonder how the stash gets so big…

  8. The jacket is so close to being finished! It’s great and you’ll love it once you get it done. You’ve still got at least 3 months more that you can wear it so get it done!

  9. Love the jacket. I’m sure you will be stunning in it.

    I’m interested in seeing your progress on the Weekender. I want to make that bag, and the Sophia bag out of the same fabric, as a set.


  10. I’m excited to see how this bag will turn out. Every time I see a review on this pattern the results are excellent.

    As for the nail polish, it looked so good on you. Alas, not sure about me. I’ll give to the weekend, but it might have to come off.

  11. Totally off-topic but oooh! I just love the look of your thread spool rack on your wall. I dunno, but there’s just something about those.

  12. Oh the jacket is just so cool and cute …you’ve got to finish it…plenty of cool weather left this season. (says the woman sitting here freezing in Buffalo, LOL)

  13. I also love the jacket and can’t wait to see it finished. I have a piece of striped grey suiting that I may have to use to copy you when you’re done-the sincerest form of flattery!!

  14. You are always working, working working….I admire that about you. I can’t wait to see both projects!

    By the way, I’m digging the nail polish!

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