I don’t mean to talk about people…

But, I would do very bad things to get my hands on the gorgeous Chanel boucle that Michael’s is carrying.


I got a peek last weekend when I went in need of weft interfacing for the jacket. Sigh. And, I am so not a boucle person. But, if you take one look at Marji’s and Lindsay’s Chanel style jackets, you too might change your mind.


He also had some Missoni knits. The pink one is super dense, almost sweater like. Makes we want a boat neck tunic.



  1. That Missoni is gorgeous. I have some Missoni that I bought on sale from Fine Fabrics and I am afraid to cut it. I am about to do a muslin of the dress I am planning to make with it.

  2. Is the website for A Fabric Place because that boucle is TDF! I don’t need another yard of anything, but I could squeeze some in. 🙂

  3. That is nice! I’m really trying to use up what I’ve got, but I’m ready to buy some new stuff anytime now. I’ve just got solid color knits, and I agree with Slapdash Sewist, I’d love some design and color.

  4. I am so not a boucle’ person either, but I can’t resist the red tag clearances! I got a piece of navy and rose at Jo-Ann’s a couple of months ago, and actually didn’t leave it in my stash very long. I LOVE how it turned out! Even used a new pattern!

  5. Did you see that beautiful grey/brown/aqua boucle that Jo-Anns was carrying a month or so ago? It looked A LOT LIKE your picture. It was part of a whole group of coordinating fall fabrics. I wish I could remember what they called them. It was not what I normally wear, but it was oh so beautiful. I’m going tomorrow so I’ll check up on it (name/SKU), if you want me to?

  6. i actually just made a jacket of boucle, my first experience with it and just love it.
    I liked a pink colorway, maybe the one in your picture? just TDF!! from what i understand they are having a great sale right now!!

    sorry to be an enabler 🙂

  7. After our conversation about the machine last week I feel like a hypocrite, but I say “indulge”. I know that stuff, it’s the good stuff. And it makes up beautifully. Not like the overly heavy and stiff boucles you get at Joanns. I’m going to pop a sample of one of those boucles in the mail to you, quilted like the Chanel jackets are.

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