Sewing Updates and Weekend Plans

Here’s a photoless post for you:

The errant Weekender zipper is on it’s way to me. It was in the ‘problem’ file with the company, but I had to call them to find out it was a ‘problem’.  My maxi dress is almost done.  It’s basted together and needs hemming. Two hours left on it max. I’ll start a blue version for a friend this week too.

But, not this weekend. My best friend from eighth grade is coming to visit this weekend with her three daughters. What’s remarkable, we haven’t seen each other in 20 years! We became friends in middle school when we both lived in Grafenwhoer, Germany. We’ve kept in touch through her annual Christmas letter. This year, I called after a two year hiaturs and learned her husband passed away earlier in the year and we figured it was as good as time as any for her to visit.

So, this weekend, I’m going to hang out like it’s 1989.

She’s driving down after work today with the girls and we’re all just going to hang out and catch up. Cool, right?

And, this afternoon, Trena is heading up from DC to we can stop by the American Craft Council show here in Baltimore.  I love most of the jewelry. I could take or leave the clothes (wearable art), but love love love the fiber arts. I forgot my camera today, but they never let you take photos anyway.


  1. That is so cool that you are meeting up with your old Army brat friend. A couple of years ago I had a (too) brief visit with my 5th – 7th grade BFF. It’s fun to reminisce how silly we all were back then.

  2. Have such a great time with your friend! I reconnected with my gaggle of 8-10th grade friends from Germany (fellow Army brats) after 20+ years and it was incredible. Now we’ve got an annual girls’ week at the beach! Once a friend with an Army kid, always a friend with an Army kid. 😀

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