I have never been so tired in my life

The BFF from middle school was here this weekend and I kid you not, it was like 20 years never passed. We sat on my sofa under blankets for two nights in a row just talking, talking talking.  With three kids over the weekend, I have never been so exhausted in my entire life.

Here are two photos of us taken by the 8 year old. I thought it would be cute to show our eigth grade pics too, but those years do not need to be revisited. What was great, is that she reminded me about how much I liked fashion and makeup. She even remembered me taking her to the AAFES PX and going through the Butterick catalouges — all before I knew how to sew.


Saturday we hit the National Aqurium, lunch and Port Discovery, the Children’s Museum.  By the time we got to Port Discovery around 3:00, I parked on the floor along the wall and told them to get me when they were done. After that we went and got videos from Blockbuster, I made dinner and a peach cobbler. Sadly, the youngest got sick on my stairs (but blessedly not on my white sofa!) and in my bathroom.

Sunday they were up by 8:00 and we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art, lunch, the mall, came back and made dinner, started packing. We didn’t go to bed until midnight. By the time Monday rolled around I was dead on my feet and in bed by 8:00 last night.

I’m not sure if my body is aching from sleeping on the pull-out sofa or from being on my feet for two solid days.

I was so caught up in the kids that I didn’t even know we were getting snow until late into Sunday night. The only thing on my TV this weekend is Noggin, Nick, TheN and something else I’ve never heard of. Actually, I didn’t even know I got those stations. I said to my friend, ‘No wonder you didn’t know who Jim Carrey was. Who has time with three kids?”

As for sewing, I had an assignment for school that I’ll take photos of today. But, that’s it. I have to finish my dress and my Weekender Bag before I can even consider anything else. But, what I’m definitely starting this month is a new quilt. The pattern came yesterday!



  1. “I’m not sure if my body is aching from sleeping on the pull-out sofa or from being on my feet for two solid days.”

    As long as it isn’t from what the sick kid had! 😉

    I’m glad you had such a great time

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Sounds like a whirlwind weekend but, I agree, little people are exhausting! I don’t know how I ever got any sewing done when my son was small. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quilt. I am thinking of starting a quilting project for nights when I am too tired to fit and sew a garment. The name is quite apropros!

  3. lol – at my house, when kids come to stay for the weekend we call that birth control. *That was definitely a joke. I love kids. But I’m a wimp and they wipe me out. Moms definitely deserve much love and respect.* Your mini-reunion sounds like it was a lot of fun. That is a super cute quilt pattern!

  4. I am encouraged by your reunion. With reconnecting with people on FB and my living close to NYC, it’s likely I’ll be reuniting with friends I haven’t seen in years. Though doubtful with anyone from my middle school years, seeing as how I lived in three different states in three different years.

    But hey, you survived the weekend, kids and all! And good luck with the quilt—cute pattern.

  5. Yep, kids’ll wear you out. Especially if they’re not yours, and if you’re not used to them, they’re a killer. Glad you had fun, and I think it’s cute that you’re both wearing red.

    and I got lucky. The snow stayed east of us; you must have been really distracted to have not noticed it!

  6. Kids will wear you out! But you had a good time and that’s all that matters. That is a super cute quilt pattern. I’m working on a quilt too – for myself for a change! It must be all the cold weather.

  7. Love this quilt pattern! Been thinking about making this one too.

    Btw, I’ve been reviewing your site a lot lately because I’m interested in making ties. I was wondering did you use special necktie interfacing for your ties? Is it necessary?

  8. That’s how I feel sometimes after I’ve visited my family (four nieces and nephews under the age of 6).

    Can’t wait to see that quilt.

  9. Whew! I remember babysitting my two nieces for 5 days. If I didn’t love them so much, I would have abandoned them in the Crayola Factory! Very tiring, but very fun.

  10. That quilt almost makes me want to quilt. Gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed the weekend but wow it sounds tiring.

  11. Isn’t it great to reconnect with friends, especially one’s that shared the joy of childhood.

  12. Hi! I just wanted to say I’ve been reading along since late last year, and I find you, your work and your words inspiring. As a result of reading your blog and a few others I found on your blogroll, my 2009 resolution is to focus on my sewing, take the time, make the effort and improve my sewing abilty this year.
    Thanks you! And keep it up.

  13. LOL, I truly love my 3 daughters, they are the sun in my sky, the song in my heart and that being said, they can really suck the life out of me. But that’s what kids are supposed to do…God love ’em…..

  14. I’m just crackin’ up over here. Let’s see, I’m on my feet ALL day with 30 kids. Hmmmm… no wonder I just want to crash when I get home! (again, I do get to keep my 30 contained in desks for the most part!)
    Love the quilt and LOL when I saw the title. You’re too funny!

  15. As usual, you have a supurb blog and I enjoy all of your entries. Thanks for keeping us posted with everything.

    Just an FYI: I’m sure you’ve seen this sisterhood award that’s going around in blogland. I recall someone nominating you for the kreativ blogger one. Anyway, I put your name on my blog because you give me something to look forward to..especially when you recently emailed me personally to share how you learned this business, hobby, etc. Take care and keep up the good work.

  16. I also nominated you for the Sisterhood Award (but just realized I forgot to put the picture on my site – will fix that soon). Love the updates on your pattern course.

  17. Girl, when you last post is titled ‘I have never been so tired in my life”, you do not worry about being depressed because you don’t leap up to sew at 6am. You do as nature intended and get some good sleep…

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