Drafting a Basic Collar

So, here’s a quickie on drafting collars. I’m going to do my best here…


Above is my drafted collar. Darn, it’s labeled wrong. Ummm. Ok. Below is the draft on the fold.


From A down is the height of the collar.  Generally, collars are 3 inches tall. A down is the Center Back (shown a D in the first photo).

B to C in the first photo equals my total neck measurement. You get that that from measuring the neckline on the front and back of  your sloper / pattern
B to D is the center back to the shoulder

The roll line (in green) is half the width of the collar, tapering to ½ inch from the center front (C)
F is the point of the collar, and that extends past line C, the collar front,  by a minimum 1 inch.


To do the undercollar, just trim about 1/8 from the collar edge graduating to nothing in the corner.

You my friend, have a collar

I’m starting the last of the four ring quadrants on the Single Girl quilt! I have made two cutting mistakes during construction, but since I’m not a hardcore matchy matchy girl, I think it’ll all be ok.
This week I worked with the darker prints I got from fabricworm.com. More browns. I’m not sure yet if I’ll make all dark  (below) and all light circles (above), or mix the two together so each circle is half light and half dark. Either way, I’m like 1/8 of a yard short of each print to finish the final quadrant! That’s what I get for moving from a crib (4 circles) to a twin quilt (12) and just assuming the fabric would work out!


I didn’t have time to call Joanns today. I had to work for a few hours in the middle of the day. I’ll do it tomorrow. That was great advice. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to call them!


  1. You’re so lucky to draft with small size patterns. My teacher made us use full size 8 patterns for each and every draft. It was great practice, however. Is your teacher also anal about notches?

  2. It sounds like you’re having a good time. I wonder what, if any, textbooks you’re using. I have few. My favorite is Patternmaking Made
    Easy by Connie Crawford. Her website is fashionpatterns.com.

    Good luck!

  3. Are you wearing that holographic nail polish??

    Thanks for the collar tute. This will be handy if I ever want to replace a tab collar on a garment (which I recently figured out that I dislike).

  4. Learning a lot, I see. Sew wish I could be there! And can’t wait to see this quilt. It’s got pink in it, so I love it already!

  5. I really love the colors you are using in your quilt! I think I may enjoy quilting – it’s an excuse to buy stuff for a completely new hobby.

  6. Oh geez, I wish it was June already so I could start “normal” sewing again! Now in addition to pretty sundresses and jackets with both welt pockets and buttonholes I want to make collars!

    LURRRRRVE the colours for the quilt by the way – yummylicious!

  7. I see you are really getting into the groove of things at school. And I love pink! Can’t wait to see your other creations!

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