1. Strange. If they released in summer 2008, why don’t they have their blog up yet? The mag is pretty cool, though. We need one of these for the east coast!

  2. Let me clarify, when I say it didn’t impress me – I liked it okay, but I didn’t feel like I just HAD to get my hands on the next issue. The poor quality of the tutorial pictures on page 36 was a major turn-off, for example.

  3. Thanks Miss Celie! I like the independent look and feel of the mag and I can’t wait to read the article on Britex Fabrics (my absolute hands-down favorite fabric store, followed by G Street).

  4. I have a sub to this one and it’s due anytime for the next issue. I’ve been waiting to get it before posting on it.

    I do have a t-shirt from them, and they’re nice people, so I’m going to give it a fair shake before really having an opinion.

  5. I like the intent, it’s different in that it’s not really as much technique as I think we’re used to seeing. That’s probably good for new sewists. It’s a little ‘alt’ for me. But, I’m such a square somedays that it doesn’t surprise me 🙂

  6. I felt the same way!! Summer 2008? That’s why when I posted on PR that maybe it was just new to me! So glad I wasn’t the only one who missed it. I agree, it’s a little too “hip” for me but I still enjoyed the read.

  7. This is too funny, a friend just emailed me with a link to this earlier today! I’m really glad that this is out there, I don’t think there could be too many sewing magazines; but I’m another that isn’t going to rush out for it. It’s a little too “alt” for me too……now (says the girl who was out at a goth club on the weekend and dancing in a cage, but anyway). Back when I was 22 I would’ve probably been all over it, but I’m getting a little too couture now (it had been about a year since the last foray to the goth club cage, I’m mostly grown out of it now).

    Like I said, though, I’m glad it’s out there. Glad that there is a move to get more of ’em while they’re young (teens – early 20s) – which is the demographic I think this will most appeal to. Good on ’em!!!

  8. Forgot to add that I was also over on the Burda site and found your picture on the front page, in your skirt……………..coollllllll!

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