Hats need hair

Rigggghhtt….. hat contest on PatternReview.com. I, had every intention of entering said contest, but, well, you know. So, last night I remembered and made up this vintage Butterick pattern. It was in a bundle that my friend’s mom and aunt sent me last summer. I made up View C on Monday night.

Oy. Way, way, too small on my head (so small that I am not showing it on me, but you can see it on my friend Chezia). Like yarmulke small on me.


I took the pattern in to the office today, enlarged it by 10 percent on the photocopier and whipped it up in 30 mins flat this evening. Seriously. 30 minutes of sewing.

Supercute on my Chezia. See, even her smile is bigger.


Here are side and back views. The pattern is just two pieces. No lining. It’s constructed with a series of darts and sew on brim that turns back to reveal the contract.


Not so good on no-long hair having me. Which means I should give it to her. But, I’ll check first with my mom and see if she wants it.


Here we are last Thursday. Chez is 8 years younger than me. So, being out past midnight on a school night is still fun for her. I, on the other hand was ready to fall off the stool.



  1. Impressive quick sew on the hat. My step son is going to Japan in a few months, so remembering having admired your Red Clover notions, I asked if he might find a Red seam ripper.

  2. Just think of all the women who’ve been disappointed over they years by the small size of that hat pattern! Good call to enlarge it on the photocopier. It looks super cute.

  3. I’m loving this hat! And we are so more in sync than you know… I’ve finally given in to my neighbour (18 year old hair student who cuts mine for giggles and pocket money on the weekends) and James and allowing them to cut mine off. I mean really cut it… I’m nervous. They’ve been plotting since last summer. Fingers crossed for both our poor heads!

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