Speaking of hair

Please say a silent prayer for me. I’m getting my first haircut in four years on Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been trimming it myself and it’s time to actually get a style. The last two haircuts I got left me looking like the love child of Eddie Murphy and Grace Jones. I have been sworn to upside down from my friend Kristy that her stylist knows, cuts, loves and respects natural hair. I have been promised that I will not be told how cute I would be with my hair relaxed or blown out and secretly sabotaged with Derk Jeter’s haircut.  The last cut was so bad, I actually went to the barber the next day and told him to take what was left of it off.


Positive thoughts people. Positive thoughts!


  1. OK, silent prayer going up.

    I’ve only gone to Supercuts in the last 25 years, except for one disastrous experience with a – you know – stylist.

    I never knew you cut your own hair. It always looked pretty good to me.

  2. My fingers are crossed for you! ditto luckylibbet! you *have* been doing a good job on your hair…

  3. I love your natural hair! I think you just need some shaping and maybe some volume taken off the back but you definitely don’t need a style that looks too much like topiary. When Macy Gray had her hair short and natural in that sort of soft oval afro I thougt it looked really good.

  4. Sending all sorts of positive thoughts your way. I love your hair. I really wish I could make the switch to natural hair, but as I recall, my hair is so think that I can’t comb it. Not fun. Of course, it’s had a relaxer since high school, when I was finally able to get off that kitchen chair my mom used to sit me in when she went to work with the hot comb (remember those??). I would definitely give a poodle a run for its money. I do like Erica Badu’s look, but I was sad when I found out it was a wig. Ah well. Good look to you — may you not come away with the Macy Gray look (or Undercover Brother (Macy Gray with pork chop side burns) for that matter!!)

  5. I too am wary of new hairstylists and am very “connected” to my hair. I’ve been going to the same guy since I moved to NYC 6 yrs ago. Sending you good hair cutting vibes.

  6. Good luck! I have curly hair (think Shirley Temple) and I get so tired of stylists wanting to blow-dry it straight–or leaving it a mess because they don’t know what to do with it. And this is at the most expensive salon in town. *sigh*. I finally found someone who knows how to cut it properly, and I just hope she doesn’t leave town!

    I hope your friend’s stylist is the right one for you!

  7. Fingers crossed for you! But your hair always looks great, so whatever you are doing is working really well.

  8. Good luck. I am new to reading your blog. What part of the world are you? I may have a reference for you if this doesn’t work out. But, hopefully, it will. ~ksp

  9. I always thought you looked super-cute so I’m amazed you cut your own hair! Hope the stylist will do you justice, and if not; wear that adorable hat until it grows out:)

  10. Good Luck to you! I too am a natural scared of the professional stylist. I want my ends clipped so bad, but I am scared I’ll come away with a fade sooooo I just run around with split ends! Don’t forget pics.

  11. I feel your pain. I have worn my hair natural since the mid-nineties (before it was popular) and I could tell you some stories about going to hair dressers. Anyway, I love your hair and hope the outcome is positive. I’ve been trimming my hair recently and know I am due a good shaping. I also want color this summer. We’ll see… Good luck! I am sending you positive vibes from Atlanta.

  12. I’ve been following your blog for weeks but this is the post that I really feel call for me to write back. I also wear my hair natural and hope everything went well at the hair dresser. Can’t wait to see the new you!

  13. I feel you. Ive been growing out a perm all year. I thought I was the only one with nerve to stick scissors in my head. I went to the hairdresser and they gave me two choices… Blow it out and wear it straight or cut all of the perm out. First option wasnt getting me anywhere. At least it got me a trim. The second was not an option. I know the shape of my head and it isnt pretty. I need lots of hair. I just want it natural. Im thinking Carla from the last season of Top Chef, hair…http://soulnoir.wordpress.com/2009/02/21/my-reality-tv/

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