In the pink

One reason I’m motivated to clean my sewing room is because I’m missing a beloved tool. It’s a Dritz C-Thru ruler. What makes it beloved, is the numbers were all printed in pink. I know it’s not missing forever. I remember putting it away and telling myself ‘better remember where you’ve put this’. Same with my iPod’s FM Modulator. The modulator I ‘put away’ about two years ago. I’m still looking for that. And the C-thru ruler.

dscf7969 Above are are some of my pink notions. My vintage Traum Tracing wheel, an Olfa rotary cutter (ergonomic too!), a regular ball point pen (but I bought a box of them ‘cuz they were pink), and a vintage Dritz tracing wheel.


By 11 this morning I also managed to trace and layout the BWOF 4-2007-114 blouse. Whee!! I’m going to run some errands, visit some friends and cut out later today.


And, in honor of Easter, I’m wearing Sag Harbor by Essie. You might think it’s similar to China Glaze’s For Audrey. But, it’s a cool, gray blue. Versus the Tiffany tourquisey blue (compare below). Sag Harbor is kinda chalky on the first application, better on the second. But, it took a long time to dry — even with rapid dry drops. I woke up with little hair marks on it.


And finally, check out Marji’s blog today. She’s proposing we all drop her (or Taunton) a line. Perhaps we can help motivate them to release Threads on DVD. Which would be great for me, becaus I STILL don’t subscribe. I remember when I would be lost reading it. Everything went over my head. Now, I understand so much more of it and would like to get my hands (easily) on the back issues.


  1. I love your pink sewing tools. I have an obsession with pink gadgets. I love your nails, too. I am doing mine for Easter Sunday.

  2. Taunton has all of their Fine Cooking magazine issues on a DVD, so why not Threads? Maybe they are planning this already. If not we can nudge them. It would be an excellent revenue source for them, too.
    I love your polish, very cheerful. Happy Easter!

  3. I read Marji’s post as well and sent an email to Tauton. I would buy this DVD for sure. Between the two colors, I prefer the Essie one for Easter. Your nails are like yummi little eggs. Those colours look so good on you. Happy Easter.

  4. Great polish! Treads on DVD would be great. I have all issues starting from #55. Lots of information in them. It’s a great magazine.

  5. My sewing room is painted in a soft pink tone, and I love pink notions. Have you seen the new pink and black line by Singer.

  6. I lost my pink pen like that. A friend who is a breast cancer survivor gave them to all her friends. I carried mine in my purse/wallet for a long time – I even had to change out the little tube of ink inside. One day it was gone – don’t know where.

  7. I have almost every back issue of Threads from the beginning — missing maybe 15 or 20 of them. If there’s an article you need, let me know (I think there are online indexes). I’m thinking of selling my back issues and if I decide to do that, I’ll let you know.
    I love the Anthropologie detail analysis. Thanks Celie.

  8. Oh I do this…loose stuff in my studio – stuff I had in my hand no more than 10 minutes ago. I go through and organize sections of my studio in an effort to find stuff. But the best solution (the most productive) is to just go on and do something else OR go buy a second one, and magically it will appear in usually less than 10 minutes!!!!

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