View From the Fitting Room

I got out to the mall yesterdy and wanted to show a couple of fun details from the Anthropologie stuff I tried on. The first is this ruffled tank called the Cherimoya Blouse. It retails for $118 on the Anthropologie site.

910071_whi_b In person, there is this cool optical illusion.


At first glance, there seems to be a few more layers of ruffles. In fact, all they did was sew three pintucks at the bottom of each ruffle layer. This adds the illusion of depth.

913161_ivo_bHere on the Profiterole Blouse the ruffles are edged out in a bias trim.


Rather than just ruffle them and sew them down, they are ruffled a little, then stitched down the midde in a circular / rosette pattern. Really pretty. I’m going to try and approximate the contrast trim with a serger rolled hem. It would probably work best with Wooly Nylon. But, Wooly Nylon and I don’t talk.



  1. Very pretty. Wooly nylon and I don’t communicate well either. Mine always breaks. I’d love to know how to get it to work. There are a bunch of instructions floating around on how to do those roses. Most recently in the latest issue of Threads. Are these both woven fabrics?

  2. If I have time today (ha!) I’ll try to run to the local Anthropologie and check out that Profiterole top. I really like that! I would try using pearl cotton instead of wooly nylon. Another thing to try is a narrow overlock (use similar machine settings as the rolled hem, but keep the tensions on the lower looper between 4-6, does that make sense?)

  3. Ann beat me to it! Those are my suggestions exactly…plus a cotton thread will give you a denser color for the outer edge if you follow Ann’s instructions!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing those pics. The closest anthro to me is 3 hours away, which is probably a good thing for my pocketbook. I always like to see how designers create their effects on clothing.

  5. Why oh why is it that I like something that would look horrible on me. I love the Profiterole Blouse but that would make me look like a stuffed rooster…sigh.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. $118? For a shirt? You could make one for A LOT Less, and it would look much better. I’ll be looking forward to your review…lol

  7. Tagging onto Ann’s comment, I just read something in Claire Shaeffer’s “High-fashion Sewing Secrets” about doing an overlock hem with rayon thread. It has a really pretty sheen (she upped the glitz further with metallic thread) but maybe it would be maddening to work with. She recommends a “thread net” to minimize tangling.

  8. I like the detail of the striped top–the tucks at the bottom of the ruffle. I am wondering–the ruffled rosette trim–is that ruffle heavy? Is the neckline stabilized to be able to hold that ruffle?

  9. I think that you have earned the title of *Mystery Sewist Shopper!* Thanks for the detailed photos and the construction scoop.

  10. I have been looking at similar design details to the Cherimoya top. I bought Simplicity 2725 as a starting place to duplicate something like this. Both of those tops are very pretty. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  11. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. I made a dress recently with a ruffle down the front and I wrestled with it quite a bit. I ended up interfacing the whole panel underneath the ruffle. I’ve never used woolly nylon. I keep promising myself that I will actually learn how to use my overlocker … properly …

  12. An alternative opinion–but tinged with gratitude for your blogwork. How about really practicing with that narrow bias application foot. All that work deserves a really classy finish. And the bias would add body so the ruffle/flower would really bloom. IMHO sometimes sergers just look like ready to wear and the garments you make deserve more.

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