This week in 1976

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the blouse! I love, love, love it. And, I’m a French cuff convert!

If you’ve picked up on my neuroses the last week, it’s because I had the pleasure of turning 33 this week. Between that and my 15 year high school reunion this weekend (not going) I’ve been a little reflective. I always thinkΒ  I want my birthday to pass quietly, then am so humbled and elated when my family and friends remember. So, I was super thrilled on Tuesday when I got this gift from the ever thoughtful Christina (her mom and I share a birthday!):


Check the bottom left hand corner. Yep, that’s an April 1976 Burda magazine!! I was on the phone with Trena when I opened the package and SCREAMED in her ear. I also spent last year’s birthday with Christina and Trena!


My parents and boss also surprised me with some beautiful flowers at work. Daisies, lilies and tulips are my favorite flowers πŸ™‚ My office smells like a garden. It’s fantastic. There was also lemon cake from the girls at work. I once got a chocolate cake three years in a row at a job. I don’t care for chocolate cake. And they knew because every year they would ask why I only ate a little bit of cake.Β  But, that’s what my boss liked and that’s what he ordered every year. Every. Year. There was even a chocolate cake when I left. It’s a running joke now with my former co-workers.


And the manΒ  formerly known as the Cop dropped of two dozen KrispyΒ  Kreme donuts. We are no longer involved. But, he knows I LOVE Krispy Kreme (I spent half my life in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee), and all three stores within 30 minutes drive closed in the last year.Β  I dunno where these came from and I think the effort was pretty remarkable. But, I smell sabotage folks. I’m figuring he doesn’t like that I’ve gotten back down to my dating weight.

So, this weekend: Sew up dress sloper for class and make up summer dress for a friend!



  1. Happy birthday!

    I know what you mean about the chocolate cake. I don’t care for it much either, but it seems like the whole rest of the world loves it! Lemon cake sounds delicious. I might have to stop at the bakery for a lemon bar today. πŸ˜›

  2. Lemon cake is my fave!!!! I’ve requested it for my birthday cake since I was little. I hate chocolate cake, but love chocolate. Go figure.

    There’s nothing like a little revenge when it comes to exes, especially when the revenge is you look smoking hot! You go girl!

  3. Happy Birthday! Celebrate and enjoy.

    After the first high school reunion, they get much much better. People mature and ditch the adolescent mindset. Really. I’ve been to a few and now these are fun.

  4. Happy Birthday! That is one seriously cool gift, so perfect for you!

    I know what you mean about birthdays making you a bit reflective (or depressed depending what kind of year you’ve had!?). I think you are off to a good start for the next year, people who know you well enough and care enough to get your favourite things. Can’t beat it.

    Many Happy Returns!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a terrific and thoughtful gift.
    What happened to the pants sloper? Are you going to be able to use it to make up pants?

  6. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I find it really inspiring. I’ve just started to sew and am amazed at some of the patterns and fabrics out there…I want to make everything! Your clothes are beautiful and very elegant; as a woman who spends her life in jeans and fleece I feel inspired to be more glamorous. I feel a frock coming on! Have a great day.

  7. Happy birthday! Kudos to your family for finding that issue of Burda — wow! I also have to say that I love your blouse in your previous post. It is really cool!

  8. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true! Or at the very least, may the donuts have zero calories!

  9. Jeepers, jeepers. I missed your birthday somehow! Sounds like it was fun without me! Want to know what is sad? I really don’t feel like I am much older than you, but when you were born, I started to drive! I guess that is why I don’t look in the mirror much. I would rathter be the age I feel, than the age my calendar says I am.

  10. Aaahh! That Burda is awesome! I hope you’re going to show us inside it, right? Right? πŸ™‚

    And I hope you had a very happy birthday, too! If you like lemon, I’ve got a lemon & lavender jelly/jello recipe that’s to DIE for.

  11. Very happy birthday wishes. That is sobering…I am old enough to be your mother! Although a very youngish one. I too would love to see the inside of that Burda from ’76. My college days, and already married by then. When did I get so old? πŸ™‚ Many happy returns!

  12. Happy Birthday! I love lemon cake too. Maybe Ill make one this weekend
    I think it is sweet that he dropped off the doughnuts. How thoughtful (you don’t have to eat them all)
    I am very jealous of that 1976 Burda – that is the Perfect Gift!

  13. It must be an “April Birthday” thing as my b-day is the 29th and I absolutely hate chocolate cake and chocolate. Growing up my mother always made lemon or red velvet cake for my parties.

    Love the blog and Happy Birthday!

  14. Wow, I think I need to drop a hint by forwarding this post to my coworkers. That’s quite a spread of flowers and goodies you got there!

  15. Happy Birthday! Your blog is one of my favorites. Do give the cop a break. He must like you very much to go to all that trouble to get you your favorite donuts. Most men I know do not prefer weight gain in their woman. His intention may be just for you to share them with your friends and family.

  16. Happy Birthday, the Burda is such a fun present – I hope you can make something from it. I have heard that calories do not count on your birthday, so those doughnuts could not possibly be sabotage πŸ™‚ – nor the lemon cake!

  17. Ha! Krispy Kreme–I don’t think the X is necessarily trying to sabotage. He is a cop afterall, so doughnuts are a natural. It’s nice that he made the effort to buy quality treats.

    Happy birthday, looks like it was a fun one!

  18. Happy birthday! My oldest son’s birthday is in April, too. He turned 40. Don’t even speculate how old that makes me! (I was a child bride)

  19. Happy Birthday! April birthdays are pretty sweet. It looks like yours was literally as sweet as mine. Man, I could eat one dozen Krispy Kremes all by myself.

  20. Happy Birthday! I’m an April person, myself – although I was graduating from college in 1976!!! I barely remember turning 33! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  21. Happy Birthday! You sound like you had a great time – excellent! And I think the donut thing is really sweet… its a bit of an ‘awwww’ moment…

  22. Happy Birthday to you lady! I love birthdays and celebrate mine. So many people don’t get to reach the next age, it is truly a blessing. I’m already thinking about having a 50th birthday party in two years.

    I’m really trying to put together a sewing retreat birthday party! What do you think about that!

    Be blessed!

  23. Happy Birthday to you! πŸ™‚ That is soooo cool that you got a Burda from your birth month. If you remember, please bring it to Portland. I’d LOVE to see the fashions of the time. What a personal and thoughtful gift. Pretty flowers and yum-O, Krispy Kreme!

  24. Seems my comment I just made disappeared into cyberspace. “Van harte gefeliciteerd”, which is Dutch for congratulations on your birthday. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

  25. Happy Birthday! I’m so happy that everyone made you feel so special. You deserve it! HA, HA about the sabotage comment. Well, I’m happy you received your favorite things including the 1976 issue of Burda and have a great new year!

  26. Happy Birthday, Cidell.

    Enjoy a doughnut or two, then give the rest away or freeze them. (Giving them away and posting about it will be more satisfying.).

  27. Happy boitday to you, happy boitday to you!! Let’s see now..this week in 1976, I was…working for a big insurance agency of Equitable Life Assurance(aka ‘the lady with the pizza’ for the logo at the time)on 50th and Broadway right across from the Winter Garden Theatre which was playing “Pacific Overtures” at the time (no, I never got to see it). I was also pretty firmly convinced that New York City (under Abe Beam’s administration) was going to go into the tank and had decided that I would return back to Upstate New York to go to graduate school.

  28. Happy birthday, C! Hope you have a fantastic year. Yum on the donuts – all of the Krispy Kremes in the whole frickin’ state of Minnesota closed their doors last year.

  29. Happy Birthday!! I turned 47 last month – 33 is an infant from my perspective. LOL! I really enjoyed my 30’s, though. It’s a good age. You’re still young, but old enough to be taken seriously by most everyone yet not *too* old to be thought of as old. IYKWIM. πŸ™‚ Great co-workers you have and even 1 point for the man formerly known as The Cop. I don’t know what the KK’s really mean, but it seems like a nice gesture from here. I have to admit, I’m not a KK girl, though. I like DD’s better.

  30. Hope you celebrate that birthday “real good” and find many wonderful things about being 33 throughout the year! (And I LOVE the blouse!)

  31. Happy Birthday! Only 33, not fair! I believe the thirties are the best years so enjoy them.

  32. Forgot to say about the Burda magazine published on your birth date, how super cool is that?! No wonder you screamed.

  33. Happy birthday! And way to go, finding ways to be even more fabulous (and make ’em sweat about it)!

  34. A very happy birthday to you. I can’t even remember 33. We have stuff in our refrigerator that’s older than you…..What is it our grandmother’s cards always said? “Always stay as sweet as you are.” Kathy

  35. Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more and lots more great outfits. Well, you deserve better than donuts. He feels guilty but it’s a decent gesture.

  36. Happy Birthday! May your personal new year be full of joy, adventure, love, and BWOF!! Don’t accept anything less!!!!! Linda

  37. Happy birthday! I’ll be 32 this year myself. I’m sorry to hear the cop did not work out. I was wondering what happened since you hadn’t mentioned him recently. That is so nice that he seems to still be friendly.

  38. Happy Birthday!
    Love the blouse – low or not, it’s fabulous on you.
    Love the Krispie Kremes – and the rest of the goodies.
    I have a lemon trifle here for you – made with that lemoncello we talked about last week. OMG – it’s enough to get tipsy on. Wonder if FedEx would deliver trifle?
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You ARE a youngster, wow. I thought we looked around the same age. Check my blog, that is not an insult to you but a compliment to me, (thanks!) that at 40 I look like a 33-year old. Yay!

    I didn’t know that about the Krispy Kremes up there. The one on Route 1 is still open, right?

  40. Super Happy Birthday!!!! Glad you got a non-chocolate cake this year! Any man that goes to the effort to send you yummy donuts is pretty dang fab!!

  41. Love the blouse and Happy B-Day. You are such a pretty person and look good in anything.

  42. Happy birthday !!!!!
    I’m a silent reader of your blog (too bad, I know, I know) but I can’t possibly be silent when there’s a birthday. Especially in April πŸ™‚

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