Loads o Blue and a Pattern Giveaway

Hello kids! Thank you kindly for the birthday wishes! I’m happy to report that last night I had a celebratory glass of champagne (or six) for each of you. Today, we have three things to cover in this post. A pattern review, a nail polish swatch and a cool pattern giveaway from my blog sponsor, Fabricworm.com. But first, the dress:


You’ve seen her before! It’s the #120 sun dress from the July 2007 BWOF. I first made it last February and I’m in the middle of a second edition now. The fabric is from fabricworm.com and is actually for the owner, Cynthia. While I haven’t finished my version, she wanted one to wear to the International Quilt Market in May.


Both prints are Anna Maria Horner. The top print is Cathedral Dusk and the skirt print is Small Gathering Sea. This dress is so adorable! I gotta get back to mine soon. So, how do you sew for someone long distance that you’ve never met? Really good measurements. Cynthia told me everything from the distance between her waist and hips to the length of her legs! I also sewed with a one inch seam allowance to allow for adjustments.


There’s even an extra 1/2 inch under the bust just in case she needs the room. And, I didn’t stitch down the straps so she could tack them at the best length for her. My fingers are crossed!


So, that is a natural segway to the giveaway! I blogged last month that Anna Maria Horner is now designing patterns. I think this is so cool! Cynthia does too, so she’s offered to give away one of Anna Marie Horner’s new patterns! You can check them out  here. If you want to enter, tell us what you call a purse  (i.e. handbag, purse, pocket book, etc) in any language. Why? Because a lot of people in Baltimore say ‘pockeybook’ and ‘kindygarten’. Drives me bananas.  Just leave the comment and say which pattern you’re interested in. We’ll do  drawing on Friday! That should be the day Cynthia gets her dress in the mail. And, I’m happy to mail internationally so come one come all.


Now, nail polish. This is from Misa called ‘A Sin Worth Committing’.


I read the nail polish blogs for color ideas. But, will ocassionaly post them here because I think it’s tough to know what colors are going to look like on brown skin. And, I can only really wear these fun ones on the weekend! It’s a pretty, inky, sparkly (not glittery) blue. This is two coats, top coat and three hours of weeding, raking and mowing the lawn. Nary a chip. I’m starting to think China Glaze is a little chip prone. I plan on wearing this again come Fourth of July.


  1. You have the best nails! Love your chose of colors! Now for the purse name…I say bag! Usually the size of my purse is huge and I am constantly saying” where did I put my bag!”

  2. I think I say purse more than anything else… hummm, I’m going to have to watch myself and see what I do say! As for the pattern, I think I like the multitasker tote – it’s the most interesting design!

    BTW, love the nails. I wish I could wear polish on my fingernails – I break out in a contact dermatitis if I touch my face (especially my eyes) with polish on. Weird, I know.

  3. I call it a purse, maybe a bag. I heard pocketbook for the first time out on the eastern shore of VA. I’d love the skirt pattern!

  4. The dress is looking nice. I like the new “quilting cottons” that aren’t designed for quilts 🙂 but rather clothes and crafts. I’ve recently discovered them myself and I see a whole new stash in the making. 🙂 So thanks to the link to Fabricworm.

    To me a purse is what a woman holds her money in, you carry your purse in your handbag and carry a bag to hold your shopping, books, luggage and other larger items. Although sometimes a ‘bag’ can be short for handbag. A man keeps his money in a wallet and carries a bag.

    Btw, I couldn’t leave a comment from your blog for some reason. The link wasn’t working. I could only get to this comments page via a feed reader. There is probably nothing you can do about it but I thought I’d let you know.

  5. That dress is adorable and so is the nail polish color! I call a purse, well a purse. That is just what we call them up here I guess. I love the AMH skirt pattern!

  6. I call them purses, but not till I lived in the DC area and further north (I’m from Louisiana) did I hear the term pocketbook.

    Happy Birthday. Did you know there’s a Krispy Kreme in Columbia, MD? Not sure how far away that is from you but when I go to the mega Joann’s there, I hit the Krispy Kreme (literally around the corner).

  7. I always call it a purse. I am interested in the multi-tasker tote because I am a multi-tasker and I need a PURSE to carry all my paraphernalia in!!! Love the nail polish too…you are inspiring me to do more with my nails!

  8. I love the nail polish. I have some dark blue nail polish I wear occasionally. I called a purse a “purse”.

  9. I really like the dress! I had not heard of “fabricworm” before and has been awhile since I visited your blog. Good timing for me. Saved Fabricworm to my Favorite Fabric sites. For years, I always called my purses-pocketbooks, so did my mother and grandmother. When I moved from VA to TX everyone called them purses and I have been calling them that since the 1980’s. My DH still calls them “pocketbooks”.

  10. Definately handbag here in Australia. A purse is the one you put your coins in. But don’t put me in the competition. I have won enough already!! Great nails.

  11. That dress looks so cute, love the colors and pattern.
    Love the polish. I can’t wear it cause it chips off from too much handwork.
    I call it a purse, in Norway I call it ‘en veske’. Her designs are adorable but I never make purses so I rather have someone win who does 🙂

  12. I love the prints you used! So springy! Here in NYC, we say “bag” A little more exciting is how we say it in Spanish “bolsillo” (pronounced bowl-SEE-yo). I would love the Ruthie pattern.

  13. I’m really not consistent I will say pocketbook or purse. When speaking Spanish it’s “cartera”.
    The dress is beautiful, the fabrics are gorgeous.

  14. Beautiful dress! We called it a purse in California, but my grandmother called it her pocketbook.I love the nail color too. 🙂

  15. The dress is adorable and makes me think of those upcoming sunny days of summer. Please enter me for the drawing; in San Francisco we call it a purse! Thanks! Linda

  16. I love the skirt pattern. Just love it in that bright and crazy fabric. I’d probably add an inch or two, though!

    Here in Albuquerque, N.M., I think we just call it a purse. I like to say handbag when I’m talking about making one or designing them (had a small “handbag” business once upon a time), but for some reason, I never say, “Let me grab my handbag.”

  17. I’m so glad you’re making something up in Anna Maria’s new prints, I was just drooling over them online! I just painted my toes a similar shade of blue, I’m loving it with my black peep-toe pumps for work.
    Please enter me for the drawing. Here in GA, I say purse or pocketbook & I think the clutch pattern is adorable! Thanks! 🙂

  18. I love the dress. That blue nail polish is beautiful on your fingernails. Great color for you.

    I usually say “purse”. The first time I heard the word “pocketbook” was when my grandmother asked me if I liked pocketbooks. I said “Sure” thinking that she was talking about a paperback book! (I have always been an avid reader and I was about 12 when she asked the question.) To say I was surprised when she gave me one of her old purses is an understatement.

    I would be interested in the multi-tasker so I can carry my “pocketbook” paperback AND my wallet!

  19. I love love love that dress!!! I really wish I had the body to get away with it on me.

    I just went to the website and I had to get the koyko pattern from Patty Young I think my daughter would look great in it! she is such a poser and I have to admit I love sewing for her since she shows off everything I make is is so very proud of her clothes that I make. I know she is only 4 now and that will not last forever so I need to take it all in now.

    I call a purse a purse. but then I call all sodas Coke, lol.

    I this the multitasker tote is as cute as can be. You have so inspired me into the relm of sewing purses with your Betty Shopper post! I am working on that pattern right now!

  20. I say “purse” or “bag.” My grandma is the only person I know who refers to her bag as a pocketbook.

  21. Out here in California, we call a purse “a purse”! Yeah, creative, I know. Most of my friends say “purse” as well, but you sometimes see them advertised as bags, shoulderbags, or handbags. Pretty much though, “purse” is the going term.
    Love the blue polish! All of the patterns are cute, but I’d probably go for the clutch.

  22. I love the Multitasker tote!

    I call my purse “bag” or gah-bang (Korean word for bag/purse.)

    The dress is lovely! I must get some Anna Maria Horner fabrics sooN!

  23. I love all the patterns but bags are my weakness so its a hard decision between the Ruthie Clutch & the Multi Tasker Tote, but since I would get lots more use of the Tote I will say that one 🙂

    And I would call them a “handbag” since for me a “purse” is what I put my cards/money in 🙂

  24. To me, a purse is what you keep your money in and you keep it in your bag! But I’m in the UK so maybe we call things by different names here 🙂

    I love the AMH skirt pattern!

  25. I love that dress. It almost look like it’s reversible!
    Here in Germany, we say “Tasche” or “Handtasche”. And in French, it would be “sac” or “sac à main”. And when speaking English, I say “bag” most of the time, sometimes “purse”.

  26. “Bag”-says it all! The dress is so pretty–what a lucky recepient. I’d have trouble giving that away! Love the nail polish.

  27. I call it my purse or bag. My mother called it her pocketbook. I love the fabric in the little sun dress for your friend. I like Anna Maria Horner Ruthie Clutch pattern. Thanks

  28. Love the dress. Admirable that you find the time to sew for someone else! I also love the nail polish; I have a couple that I call my “car polishes” because the color is so unlikely for nails! And, the bag is “Handtasche” in German, of course!

  29. In Dutch a bag is called a “tas” and a handbag a “handtas”, a shoulderbag would be a “schoudertas”, etc.

    In the US I would always be looking for my purse (bag), but in the UK I can never find my purse…in my bag. How’s that for confusion?

    I really like the skirt pattern (skirt = rok in Dutch): it rocks!

  30. A purse or handbag is a “borsetta” in Italian. But I usually call my travelling home a “borsa”, be it big or small, handbag, shoulderbag, tote or whatever.
    Lovely dress!

  31. Love the deep colors of your new version of the dress.

    Thanks to you and Fabricworm for the opportunity! I would enjoy making the Ruthie.

    I generally say ‘purse’. If I paid more than I probably should, I notice it’s more likely to be my ‘handbag’.

    This all reminds me of old family lore that, as a small child, if I didn’t have my purse with me going out I would remark that ‘I forleft my pocketpurse’.

  32. Love that dress – with the AMH fabric, it’s just so cute!

    I say either purse or bag – usually relates to the size of said purse (small) / bag (big). Never heard anyone say “kindygarten” – that’s just spelling the name of the school for 5 year old wrong, in my book!

  33. The fabrics for the dress are sooo cute. And I love the concept of e-sewing, LOL! Can’t wait to see her wear it (are you feeling a little anxious about that? I would!)

    Here, in Haiti, women carry “bous” or “sak” (from the Fr bourse and sac, of course) but the traditional one is called “djakout”. It’s a sort of messenger bag made of woven straw or cotton. Any thing remotely like a weekender or duffle bag is called a “beg” (from Eng, obviously).

    I’m not a bag-maker so I was interested in the dress but it’s out-of-stock so I guess the skirt.

    It’s been fun reading everybody’s answers. When I’m in the US, I say bag or purse (though the latter only if it’s a dainty, feminine object). I’ve never used pocketbook and rarely handbag. Never heard the Baltimore versions IRL!

  34. Love the dress and fabric combination!

    I just call it “my purse”. Nothing fancy here. Totally interested in the skirt pattern.

  35. Happy belated Birthday
    Here in Atlanta the term for natives is called a “pockeybook”. I say it all the time and it drives others (non natives) crazy. Non natives say “purse” or “handbag”. It’s a pockeybook to me!
    I would love to have the socialite dress pattern


  36. Love the nail polish. 🙂
    I make “bags” but carry a “purse”. Even if it’s one I’ve made. How’s that for making your head spin? 😉
    LOVE the Ruthie Clutch!!! Totally darling.

  37. Although I grew up in California and Texas saying “purse,” somehow since I’ve been living on the East Coast I’ve switched to “handbag.” I don’t know if it even has anything to do with the region or where I picked it up, but now I like it better than “purse.”

  38. I call it a purse, but my grandmother calls it a pocketbook. I have actually always thought of it as a southern thing since she is from NC. Dont know if it is. BTW your dress and the nailpolish looks great.

  39. I love that multi-tasker tote.

    Now, the words for purse in Japanese are takeoffs of the English:

    handobagu or paasu.

    But, in Chicago, I hear the term bag most often.

  40. I grew up calling it a ‘pocketbook’ because that’s what my mother and grandmother called it. I grew up on Long Island, so I’m thinking the term is more generational than regional. When I moved to “the city” (NYC) as a college student I called it a purse, and then around the time that all the guys I knew started carrying bags too, everyone seemed to switch to ‘handbag’ or ‘shoulder bag’ or just ‘bag.’
    Love your blog and your nailpolish too!


  41. That dress is gorgeous!

    Well, I call it a purse unless it doesn’t have straps and then I HAVE to call it a clutch. Kindygarten? Really?! Where does that name come from, anybody willing to explain?

    And since I was JUST contemplating Anna Maria’s Socialite dress pattern yesterday when I was shopping, then that’s the one for me!

  42. Purse, of course, though I usually carry a much larger item, which can not be called anything but a bag! Or in French, when forcing the children to at least listen to my mangling of it, if not speak it to improve everyone’s facility before our French-speaking friends and guests arrive, sac.

  43. I call it a purse. If it’s big, then it’s a handbag. I love the look of the Socialite Dress!

  44. I call it bag. However, when referencing it to my husband, I need to call it a purse or he gets very confused. And I love the Socialite Dress!

    I love the blue on your nails! I usually just paint my toe nails but I think I’m ready some new colors other than red.

  45. I really like the multi tasker tote and it fit me perfectly. I own two self made businesses, one being a sewing business. I call my purse a purse. Not very exciting but is what it is. Maybe I will think of a more cleaver name.

  46. I call it either a purse or a bag. Come to think of it, lately I’ve been calling it a “thingy”…after you have 3 kids you go brain dead and forget words, so when “purse” doesn’t come to mind quickly enough I usually just ask, “Where’s my …..y’know, my thingy!” Yesterday I was at a party at my SIL’s house and while talking to another adult realized I couldn’t remember the grown-up word for Boo-Boo. I went through Boo-Boo and Ouchie before the other woman saved me and said, “Do you mean a bruise?” God, yes, that’s what I meant!! That’s how bad it gets!

    So, that was quite a tangent. I’d like the Socialite Dress if I win!!!

  47. It’s a purse. It carries my wallet and change purse, and a few miscellaneous items. I hate cutesy names for things. I love the dress pattern, and I wish I had the nerve to wear colorful nail polish. Trust me, pale colors look just great on pasty white skin, and I’ve never been anything except pasty white or bright red. The sun and I are so not friends….

  48. I’m either carrying my “purse” or my “shoulder bag”. Both serve the same function, depending on the amount I need to carry.

    I would like to take a closer look at the study hall skirt!

  49. I say purse – maybe I’ll call out a hobo bag or a small clutch every now and again, but that’s about it. I love the Ruthie Clutch. It looks like a great really closet addition.

  50. I love the dress! I call it a purse. And I love all of Anna Maria’s patterns, but I think I would choose the socialite dress pattern.

  51. I call it a purse or a bag. It depends on the size I guess. By the way, I love the dress you made. Anna Maria Horner’s fabric work in just about anything!

  52. I love the dress. I call it a pocketbook and some days it’s a purse. And I’d like to be considered for the Socialite Dress.

  53. Purse–but my grandmother said pocketbook.

    A belated happy birthday, and the dress is lovely. Also can’t believe that nail polish survived yardwork! I need some.

  54. Wow! nice nail colors… i’m too boring with my nails! should liven it up!
    I call it bag…or handbag… back home i call it bolso (spanish)… and is also because i normally have big handbags to carry anything u can think abt! but would love to have a cute clutch! I love the Ruthie Clutch seems perfect size for me! :o)

  55. I’ve always just used the term purse but I think I like pockeybook better! And BTW did you know that Santa Claus comes down the ‘chimbley’? He does you know!

  56. Anyone who’s grown up and lived most of her life in the midwest Knows it’s a purse!
    This is funny, because I just finished listening to the audiobook “The English American” and she had a real hangup on Americans calling handbags, purses and wallets by the wrong word. 😉 (cute story btw)
    The Ruthie clutch, just in case.

  57. In Oregon we say purse but if it has two stiff handles then we call it a handbag. I like the Multitasker Tote.

  58. I say purse and pocketbook interchangeably, but when shopping online or in stores, I search or ask for handbags. I love the dress and the fabric. I can’t wait to see what you draft up in your own designs.

  59. Fabric Worm is a great site. They have wonderful Japenese Oil Cloth. My favorite pattern is Socialite Dress. Are you coming to the Portland PR Weekend?

  60. Hi Cidell!
    Great work on the dress, and also the sloper. I also loved the french cuff blouse that you finished a few days ago. It looked great!

    I have always called it a purse, rhyming with terse. But my grandma always called it a pocketbook, or handbag (all a’s with a short sound). I am originally from the East Coast, but now am located in the midwest.

    I would love to join the pattern giveaway, and my favorite was the Multi-Tasker Tote!

  61. I call it a purse. My grandmother called her bag a pocketybook if it hung on her wrist and a shoulderbag if it hung from the shoulder. I like the Anna Maria Horner Sewing Patterns Multi-Tasker Tote Pattern.
    Joyce in NC

  62. I love the name of the nail polish “A Sin Worth Commiting”. Wouldn’t you love for that to be your job, give nail colors their names? Like a bright pink nail color might be “Cocktails At Sunset”. I could totally do that job! Anyway in english, I call it a purse. I also refer to it as my “bolsa”– spanish for handbag or “monedero” for small bag, like a coin purse, or small clutch. My spelling may be incorrect, not the best speller in any language. I really like the Multi=Tasker Tote Pattern, too. Looks easy, and that’s always a plus for me.

  63. Adorable dress! I always say purse even though I live down here in the deep South where most people say pocket-book. I like the multi-tasker tote! Tammy in MS

  64. Hmmm, you know if I had to choose, it would be the nail polish. A dark color. I’d send it off to Mongolia to my oldest daughter who is in the peace corps. She says that living in a Ger where you have to feed your fire with coal / wood, and it is hard to keep you nails clean. Especially when you don’t have running water.

    I was just on the other site yesterday looking at the patterns.


  65. I say “cartera”, spanish for purse or I just say “bag”. I would LOVE the ruthie clutch. Thanks for this opportunity. I am a faithful reader of your blog.

    Nellie from the Bronx

  66. Oh my gosh, I am so happy i found your blog! What tips…what spectacular sewing! I call my handbag a “purse”. I think pocketbooks are the really structured ones from the 50’s and 60’s. Love them as well!

    Okay back to reading more of your blog! Heaven!

    Thanks for letting me enter!

    Angie H.

  67. The dress is lovely!

    I would love to have the Anna Maria Horner Ruthie Clutch pattern:) It’s so classy!

    I usually call the purse my money bag or “qian bao” (in Mandarin).


  68. I call a purse a purse and a tote bag a tote.
    The multi-takser tote is my favorite.
    BTW-love the dress with all the blues!

  69. Cute dress and love the blue nails too! I’m a big essie junkie, do you ever buy them on ebay? They usually have good $ on the 4 (sample) size packs….Perfect for someone who likes to change polish a lot! Check it out!

  70. I like both purse patterns…and that’s just what I call it – a PURSE! =) No fancy names or anything.

  71. Love the dress! Nice work.
    I call it a bag or purse. Mostly bag.
    Totally the skirt pattern!
    Thank you.

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