Anna Maria Horner Winner!

Is Belinda, who said,

‘To me a purse is what a woman holds her money in, you carry your purse in your handbag and carry a bag to hold your shopping, books, luggage and other larger items. Although sometimes a ‘bag’ can be short for handbag. A man keeps his money in a wallet and carries a bag.”

Loved all the commentary. My mom even called to tell me what she called a purse growing up in Grenada and what she called it when she moved it NYC. And, it if wasn’t 6:00 in the morning, I might actually remember right now.

It’s fitting a pattern is going to Australia because I FINALLY got the last two seasons of the original Kath and Kim. Either I don’t get Sundance anymore or they didn’t pick up the last couple of seasons. Bummer. Last Friday at happy hour, I met an Australian woman who worked at the Police Department. She’s got every season on DVD and I have a new best friend. Now, if Project Runway Australia would come back, all my Aussie dreams would come true!



  1. Ha ha ha!
    I am about 10km from where Kath and Kim is set!
    From a fellow Aussie fan…keep on sewing, and very glad you are back online (I had no idea where you’d gone after you quit blogspot).
    Eeloh from Melbourne

  2. I follow you through my google reader and I must have missed this contest. Boo to me. Whenever I ask someone about the Aussie version of Kath and Kim I get a strange look. I loved that show and it came on some channel on Directv a few years ago. Whatever the channel was an Aussie network.

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