Would it feel like a onesie?

Last week I went out both Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday paid the price. It was a Mardi Gras themed party (hence the feather mask and beads) and I was in high heels until 2:00 a.m. Party Voice all day on Sunday I tell you what.


These outings have led me to a dilema. I don’t have a club / party outfit. Trena said she has the same problem. Not looking for anything hoochie, just a step up from jeans a cute top. You know what a lot of people were wearing? Jumpsuits and shorts. Similar to this April 2009 BWOF ditty.


I know it’s trendy and I don’t know if it would work for me. But, I may have to consider it. Although, I think I would feel like I was in a onesie.

Some of you asked about my pants sloper. I had to turn it in for my grade (I got a 94) before I could make it up again with the alterations. I now have it back and will make it up over the weekend.  Dress sloper is also turned in for a grade. I think there are some minor tweaks, but I’ll deal with them later.



  1. It would look great, but -ahem- for clubbing remember you have to take the WHOLE thing off to go to the ladies room. Big disadvantage in my eyes, since anything I drink from cola on up goes straight through me 🙂 I would opt for a similar silhouette in a shirtDRESS, I think, but I’m old enough to be your mother 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that reminds me that I had a jumpsuit party outfit in the early 80’s. I loved how it looked at the beginning of the evening but what a PITA after having a few drinks and trying to go to the bathroom in some club and keep the top of the outfit off the floor. NIGHTMARE! It did look good though.

  3. Oh. Man. I didn’t even think about the bathroom situation. Cannot be asked to fumble with after a few drinks in the early morning. Sobering.

  4. I got a similar shorts/jumpsuit from H&M last summer. It’s a little more loose-fitting and the legs are shorter than that BWOF pattern. I wore it tons to go out at night. Just take your time in the bathroom and it’s not a big deal. Maybe try some on at the store before committing to a muslin? Or there’s always Forever 21…

  5. So funny that Christina is the last person to comment before me, as I was just thinking that she is one of the few people who could pull off that look. Dear, you know I think you’re gorgeous and fabulous to the nth degree, but please “Just Say No”.

  6. Maybe you could use some snaps in the crotch so solve the bathroom thing? Or use a very long invisible zipper? That would be a good design challenge – make closure absolutely unvisible. 🙂 (And not a word about onesies…)

  7. I don’t think I will be riding this bandwagon. My body isn’t for jumpsuits and the issue with practically stripping to use the bathroom is a no go for me. Try it out for us so that we can live through you.

  8. Oh yeah, I’ll pass on them this time around. I made one the last time they passed this way, and the fitting issues were myriad. Mine worked out fine, mostly because at the time I had the perfect Vogue size 12 body. But a friend ended up wadding hers, and as everyone says, bathroom breaks were a challenge. Whatever you decide I’m sure will be fabulous!

  9. I am old enough to have made and worn one the last time around. It was flattering and comfortable. But, going to the bathroom? Don’t drink too much if you’ve got a small bladder. If you wear a belt with it you’ve got to take it off and hang it up, if you’re lucky enough to find a hook in the bath stall you’re in. There must be something easier to wear that looks great for clubbing.

  10. The bathroom deal is an issue with a jumpsuit. Aside from that, you are young and have a great figure. Wear what you want and enjoy it while you can.

  11. Little black dress. Seriously. Although, since I avoid clubs like the plague, I have no idea what people are wearing nowadays.

  12. Yes this outfit would work for you, in fact it will look stunning and I WANT to see you wear it! I agree about the getting undressed to go to the toilet, though! I lived through the body suit fashion of the 80’s and I know how hard it can be! What about a pair of shorts and a top to mimic the effect? I always stick to skirts and heels with cute little tops for this sort of event, although I am way too old now!!

  13. I second the little black dress idea. Or a little any-colour dress…actually maybe specifically NOT black, EVERYONE does black. A little “your-best-colour dress”, how’s that?

  14. I would definitely rock that. I think I may need to get that pattern. Too cute! You guys look like you were having too much fun!

  15. I remember making one and wearing one in the …. uhh early 80s? Gosh, I forgot I had one, made from denim, with long sleeves and a long lapped zipper in front. If you make jumpsuit, you will be able to make it look flattering on you ’cause we have seen your sewing skills. I will share a hint for using bathrooms while wearing a jumpsuit: face the toilet while you lower the top part of the jumpsuit, so that the sleeves don’t end up in water. Don’t ask how I know…..

  16. I’m not a “pants onsie” person…too many issues with it. Have you thought about doing the pants/shorts and a jacket – sort of like a suit type look. I think you can make a really fab jacket (3/4 sleeves) and do something with the neckline to make it more evening-ish….less high neck and more lower, and the shorts and it makes a stunning outfit and very wearable to other events too – dinner even cocktail.

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, and might get something done for this summer.

    Be fun to see what you do!

  17. Well, adding snaps to the crotch would definitely make it feel like a onesie! LOL 🙂 Honestly, if “everyone” is wearing a onesie, I’d think you would want to wear something else! The bathroom issues would be enough to scare me off this get-up.

  18. I’ve actually had a couple of similar outfits (but with long pants) back in my dating days and everytime I wore one, I got tons of compliments for looking great and being “pulled together” I think it’s a great idea for you and I think you would like it. the only downside is trips to the bathroom because you have to get almost completely undressed. The thing I like about the one piece is that it tends to downplay the thigh area – which I have more than my share of.

  19. I think I have to say no to the jumpsuit look — totally onesie! I was surprised to see the style in the latest issue of Burda — I actually cringed. I think a dressy top, shorts and heels would be really cute and much more practical.

  20. I love the jumpsuit and think it’d look great on you, but I’d make it separates because of the whole “peeing” thing. I would hate to have to take the whole thing off just to pee.

  21. How about McCalls 5660? I think it’s a cute style, and if I was a bit smaller and not so pregnant, I would give it a try. Honestly, I don’t see the big deal in trying to take this off to go to the bathroom. I don’t see a big difference in unbuttoning 1 button and a zipper (on jeans) and 5 buttons on the jumper. I’m an adult, and I think I can manage to unbutton a few buttons with agility. lol

  22. Hmm, I really need to see one on you, I’m not categorically against it but it is hard to pull off. I’d do some snoop shopping and then decide. But I do think there are a lot of better options for going-out wear. Wrap dresses, skirts in dressier fabrics, silk blouses, etc.

  23. It’s not just getting undressed in the stall – the top half inevitably gets dropped on stall floor . Ewwwwww. Been there, done that so looooong ago. Otherwise you would totally rock the look.

  24. Have you considered the onesie solution? snaps along the legline?

    I like one pieces- everything is pulled together, but the getting undressed part…maybe at a bar…but I remember summery outfits, and the serious airconditioning in the south making life very difficult.

    It’s a great look, though, and you could carry it off so well.


  25. I’ll chime in with the choir, the jumpsuit is party-licious until the group trek to the ladies room. If you don’t mind doing a strip-tease in a bathroom stall, go for it.

  26. I also saw that jumper, and thought it rocked! I’m a jumper girl, I love the look and I think it will look fab on you. I’m not really put off on the restroom issue, I actually still wear them, and plan on making this look also. Good luck!

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