Final Project Decision

I finally settled on a copy of this Orquiedea dress  from Anthropologie for my final project. We’re supposed to draft on the 1/2 scale sloper first. Get that approved and then move on to our full scale sloper.

I haven’t seen this in person, but it looks like a basic bodice with a faux wrap skirt. To make the bodice different than my two-dart sloper, I’m using armhole princess seams for the bodice and changing to a one dart skirt. I also want to add frills to the sleeves. I love me a frill. Hopefully it won’t be too much.


Hmmmm, I forgot to alter the neckline. And, I think I’m going to shorten the shoulder….  So, this probably took me about two hours I think.  Tomorrow, I would really like to make up my pants sloper again and make some tweaks. And now, I leave you with this week’s colors. I get so excited on Monday when Shannon swatches colors (especially this week because she showed a color I was wearing at the time), I thought I would join the fray.



  1. Coool dress ! You are going to look fabulous in that ! How do you plan the frill on the sleeves. As for the nail polish.. woooo the green one is hot. Very Paul Smith (did you look at his summer 2009 collection ?). My favourite… hummm, I love them all but the colour club fashion addict is making a great, great effect on you.

  2. This looks like a great garment for your final project. I was going to suggest you enter it in PR’s My Own Pattern contest until I remembered the contest doesn’t start for another week. Pity! I think you could have won with this.

  3. You know they are holding tryouts for a new project runway?! With all this design work and sloper making you are now ready!! You go on with your bad self.

    on another note, when you swatch the polish do you change immediately or do you wear it for a little while…just curious…

  4. Are you going to continue with more drafting/design classes? And, do you enjoy it? The dress will be awesome.

    Nail polish–love the green!

  5. Super cute dress! Can’t wait to see your version, I’m sure it’ll be way awesomer (lol) than the original.

    Do you mind if I make one suggestion regarding your front contour (princess) seams? You might find that the degree of curve towards the armhole looks really rounded on the garment. If you did this on purpose, please ignore this. Otherwise, you may want to try reducing the curve some – add to the side front and take away from the centre front piece a little right at the armhole so that it’s a more gradual curve; ie have the line hit the armhole a little higher. Does this make sense? This is a suggestion I have frequently given students in the classes I TAed and they told me they liked the outcome.

    Either way, I know this will turn out just splendid!

  6. I think this is a great choice for a final project, not just because it’s really cool design, but also because the sheath will be a great fitting experience and the ruffles a great construction exercise. As for the ruffles I don’t think they will be too much and the great thing is that you can make them as big or small as you wanna!

  7. On Fox news today there is a photo spread of the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America celebration. The photo of Rachel Weisz in her black and white dress with the “frill” down the side of the skirt looks like another take on the Anthropologie dress you are looking at reproducing.

    I’m not very techie, so I don’t know how to provide a link for you, but I thought you might like to take a look.

    This is my first time to comment, but I read your blog at least a couple times a week, and enjoy it. I also appreciate your discretion in letting us see what is going on in your head, without giving us TMI!! I enjoy feeling like you are a friend, but you need your privacy and there are some things you don’t want out there on the internet! 🙂

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