Good News and Bad News

The Good News is that the Echino Scooter print from is finally MINE. It was actually a little hard for me to breathe correctly when it came in yesterday’s mail. It’s so delightful in person. How can one piece of fabric have so many of my favorite colors?

To be honest, there was a WHOLE lot of goodness in my mail from Grace, Deepika, Cynthia and Carolyn. But, I want to give each thing its own time to shine. This was such a welcome addition yesterday given my week.

The short  version: I’ve been going like gangbusters for a solid two months preparing for a group from Japan scheduled to arrive on the 10th. Because of flu hysteria nonsense insanity concerns, the 15-person delegation canceled. So, I spent today canceling hotels, meetings, reservations, and most importantly, a sold out, ticketed seated dinner. I also have gobs of collected free giveaways that all have to go back to the original givers. The worst part is having nothing to show or two months of work. Meh, it happens. But, this is getting out of control.

But, looking at this print makes me think of the pink Vespa I will someday own. I only fear that this will become ‘too good to cut into’ or I’ll be immobilized with project indecision. I tried to order the black version as a back up (crazy, I know) but it was gone by the time I manned up.

Now, the bad. The tube had to die.

Your tips were fantastic, but the manila oak tag would not budge. It was about six layers of oaktag and it was just too thick. I finally performed surgery with my utility knife. But, my sloper is FREE from the orange walls of the tube with only slight damage to the sleeve.

Ok, you know what? Here’s some more good.

The polish company Zoya is taking your old polish and exchanging it for any color in their stock for a shipping and handling fee. I cleaned out all my cruddy old polish so that exchange came this week too. This marks the end of my polish purchasing until September. I said it here first.  I don’t need my polish stash rivaling my fabric stash.


  1. OooooooOOoooooh! I can’t wait to see those orange polishes on you, bet they’ll look Faaaaabulous! Will we get a demo?

    So, you wanna become part of the Vespa gang, eh? I think I’d probably go with pink too if I was going to get one.

  2. September? Hm. Oh BTW, I can’t believe you don’t like any of the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen colors! (heard you on the podcast)

    Sorry you have to undo all of your hard work with the delegation. What a pain.

  3. Bummer! At least you have happy post to cheer you up.

    RIP tube – glad your patterns are ok.

    Vespas, yes, helmet hair – not so sure.


  4. Give the tube a proper burial! Love the Vespa fabric. And the nail polish. Wow! What a great day for you.

  5. I also LOVE that Vespa Fabric. I too have been eyeing it and I fear that I would never cut it because it is TOO CUTE. Resist that impulse! (My daughter wants an orange Vespa – she has it all picked out)

  6. Poor tube, but in the end, it had to go. You must get that pink vespa and be like the girls in Rome — shades and stilettos!

  7. OMG that is so frustrating! I’m sorry the tube wouldn’t cooperate. I feel like I’m surrounded by polish hos lately, I finally succumbed to a rescue beauty lounge 50% sale and got a few colors.

  8. just curious- how did you mail your old polishes to zoya? i signed up for the program, but am worried about how to send my old polishes to them, aren’t they flammable liquids? any advice? thanks 🙂

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