Early Mother’s Day Post

My dad flew back to Panama last week and took a little package home with him for my mom


Yeah. That’s my mom looking all foxy coming home from church in the BWOF 2-2009-119  dress that I did not love on me. She’s managed to work it into several conversations and has shamelessly hinted around for more.

Soooo, yeah. She looks awesome. I now have no excuse not to make her something every so often.


  1. How old was she when she had you?! Wow she really does look fabulous, and the dress is really great on her.

  2. Wow, she looks great in that dress! A Good daughter would make another one immediately! Are you SURE that’s your Mom? She doesn’t look old enough to have kids your age!

  3. Wow Cidell she looks so pretty in that! Boy did you open up Pandora’s box.

  4. I agree-your Mom looks so young, like a teenager! Just think how nicely you’ll age, too.

  5. Your Mom is HOT. I liked the dress on you, but honestly, she really makes it look special, too. Maybe it’s the tropical lighting.

  6. Wow your mom looks fabulous! The style really suits her.

  7. Your mom certainly compliments that dress. Or is it the dress that compliments mom? I’m SURE she’s thrilled with it. Lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

  8. The dress looks great on your Mom. You know people always think after a certain age dresses have to be below the knee but the dress has a great length. Your mom looks like she is in excellent shape.

  9. Your mom looks amazing in the dress–it’s a great fit in style and color. She is really rocking it! Yah, it’s great that you and your mom wear the same size, although you may need to lock your closet when she comes to visit. (I’m joking!) 🙂

  10. The dress looks wonderful on your Mom. She’s so beautiful. Not hard to see were you get your good looks.

  11. Wow! You got good genes! Your mom and her dress are both lovely! That’s a good incentive to sew for her–she wears the project so well!

    I’m sure she appreciates the thoughtfulness of her daughter!

    Another mom…with sons who don’t sew! LOL

  12. Mom looks great in this dress! I tell you, if my daughter ever made me a dress I would have a heart attack.

  13. Wow! It looks great on her! I thought it looked great on you too.

  14. You mom looks amazing and beautiful in that dress! Lucky you to have such a awesome mom.

  15. Good Grief – your mother must have had you when she was 2 y/o….she looks so young – like you’re older sister. What fabulous genes you have!

  16. Wow she really looks fantastic in that dress, I’m not surprised she’s hinting at some more!

  17. Your mom is a fox! And she looks so proud to be wearing that great dress. Now you have to make her more.

  18. The very definition of a hot mama! The dress suits her perfectly.

  19. Your Mom looks stylish (and quite content!) in your dress; it fits is as if you made it with her in mind!! What a great Mother’s day “surprise” for her! Linda

  20. I must add yet another affirmation of what a great dress that is for your mom and that she most definitely IS a foxy looking Mom!!

  21. Goodness, gracious! She only looks old enough to be your sister! Your mom is stunning – and the dress is pretty darn lovely too. Thanks for being so generous with your writings and pictures.

  22. oh damn, i’m quitting. When someone’s mom looks a million times better in the dress than me, it just deflates me completely!

  23. Yes, she does look really good and I don’t blame her for wanting you to make her some more lovely dresses! Can I ask what she is doing in Panama? My cousin has a thing about living in Honduras and head-in-the-sand me is just coming around to discovering Central America… I’d do a search to try to answer my own question, but I don’t find a search button thing on your blog.

    I envy you your sewing skills, but realise you work hard to have them. I’m slowly coming along with mine…you’re an inspiration!

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