Not that anyone asked me

Please note: foul language to ensue. Do not read further if you don’t want a rant on the obnoxiousness of others.

Space for modesty’s sake


Space for modesty’s sake


Space for modesty’s sake


Space for modesty’s sake


I’ve seen something over the past few months that makes me sick to my stomach.  As blog writers, we can write about whatever we want. There are some basic and simple rules. If you do not like what we are writing or saying, then READ SOMETHING ELSE. Do not go on to people’s blogs and leave comments about topics they say they don’t want to discuss or telling them that you prefer when we write about sewing. It. Is. Their. Blog.

I don’t come to your house and tell you your drapes are ugly. So don’t come on my blog and tell me you don’t like when I talk about travel, celebrity gossip, nail polish, cute couple photos, or food I’m cooking. Yes, I am saying it here. Because I’m not going to go on my friends’ blogs and call out the tackiness of others. Again I say:  It. Is. My. Blog.

They are not paid to be here. They are providing you entertainment and information. For Free. You do NOT own them. You do not have the right to leave snide comments under the guise of being anonymous. Perhaps this is a wasted rant because I like to think the people I have come to know and love through this blog aren’t majoring in the art of jackass.

Listen, G_d doesn’t like ugly. So, for f**k’s sake. Get over youself and write your own blog where you can badger people.


  1. Didn’cha know those kind of people have such a small world that they have to resort to making themselves feel better by trying to make others feel small and defensive?! Way to tell them! I wish I had the time to sneak back and check all your comments too!

  2. You go girl, I completely agree! Although, I have to say your sewing entries are my fave 🙂 They’re inspiring me to get more involved in sewing. Just haven’t had much time lately. Anyways, have a great day!

  3. I hear ya girl! Recommendations and suggestions are welcomed but nastiness & rudeness are not acceptable. Geez, who has time for that anyway.

  4. It’s you blog and you can do whatever you want you keep me laughing. Keep doing what your doing.

  5. I’m commenting on your last three posts. I envy you your books. I’ve ordered Fabric Manipulation, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Yes, you’ve got a hot mom, and she does look good in that dress. And, I love your posts about what’s going on, sewing or not. Padmé

  6. You’re so very right, it’s your blog and you can write about what you want, and as often or not as you want (referring to a bit nasty email I received myself last year when I was not blogging enough in someones opinion). Keep up your wonderful blog!

  7. Amen! I second those thoughts. I write my blog for me and if anyone wants to read it, that’s fine, but as you say…if you don’t like it, read something else. I enjoy reading all the entries of your blog…I get to travel vicariously to places I might never get to see through you, so you go Girl!!! Thanks for blogging. Mary

  8. Amen sister! I moderate comments on my blog, which cuts down on that kind of crap. I started moderating precisely because I was getting nasty comments if people didn’t like what I was writing about. And the nasties were ALWAYS anonymous. I call them gutless wonders.

    I love reading your blog, regardless of what you write about. And if any subject on someone’s blog doesn’t interest me, I just don’t bother to comment. Sheesh, some people just have nothing better to do.

    So keep on doing your thing. It’s great!

  9. Good rant! I enjoy your blog no matter what you write about! I just deleted a long diatribe of advice to you, as a grandma of six I thought I was entitled, but just decided to remind you that what those kind of sick people want is attention, however they can get it. Keep in mind all your readers who love you and everything you write and try to ignore the idiots. Or send them on to me and I’ll give them some very explicit non-grandmotherly advice. ;>)

  10. That annoys me so much! I had some arse come on my sight and tell me they didn’t like my hair. WTF??? Are you kidding me? Like you said, this is ALWAYS done under the guise of anonymity. If you’re going to talk crap, woman up and leave your name and a link to your own little crappy site.

  11. I love reading your blog no matter what you write about. You have an engaging writing style and a talent for making everything interesting and fresh.

  12. You keep on writing whatever you want. 🙂 I continue to be amazed by people who missed that day in kindergarten when we discussed playing well with others.

  13. Ugh! Really people! I love your blog – I love to travel, and don’t have the money or job that permits me to. I love seeing all the cool places you get to visit, your drafting class was immensely interesting and you’re always doing something or going somewhere unique. What’s not to like? Someone needs to get a fun life like yours.

  14. Sigh. I’ve seen it happen and I’m always impressed by the graciousness of the bloggers who have received the ‘gift’ of wisdom by others. It’s very sad and leaves me scratching my head. And I try to remember that my observations aren’t/don’t always match the opinons of others, so do I really need to share my unreqopinion?

  15. oops! my message got away from me…. My last sentence should read:

    And I try to remember that my observations aren’t/don’t always match the opinions of others, so to I really need to share my opinion (especially publicly)? probably not…..


  16. I’ve never posted comments here before and came across your blog by accident a few months back. I really like reading about your sewing! You inspire me to sew garments for myself, which is unusual because I usually sew for my nieces. Whatever jackhole is irking you, ignore them because there are people out there who love reading what you have to say.

  17. Guurrrl, that is gonna happen. Dust your shoulders off. There’s too many a**holes to count and bug over. When I checked my Google Analytics a while back, I saw that I had someone who would search for my blog by typing: “I don’t like Knitters Delight”. Seriously.

    I guess it’s like how celebrities feel with all the tabloid stuff picking everything apart. This just means you’ve reached star status! LOL.

  18. I have no idea why people feel the need to crack on others – especially if you don’t know them! It goes back to one of the golden rules – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all! But keep the blog entertainment coming at me – thanks for sharing!

  19. I agree. My blogging philosophy is if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

  20. This just seems to be a fact of life …. Stephanie McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) said almost the same thing at one point, along the lines of, “I wouldn’t come into your living room and criticize your sofa.”

    Thing is, I’ve known people who WOULD come into your living room and criticize your sofa. I guess, in the blogging world, you can do the moderating thing (or let your regular readers dump on the nitwits).

  21. I am always amazed when people post negative comments on someone’s PERSONAL blog. Why they even think they have a right to do that is beyond me. This blog is YOUR space to write what YOU want to write about. If people don’t like what you write, they should not come here. Personally, I love reading your blog. You are so cute and so witty. And, I love seeing the pictures of what you are sewing. There are a lot of us that look forward to reading your posts! So, keep up the good work!

  22. Hi Cidell:
    I love reading your blog. It’s interesting and informative. Keep up the wonderful work. There’s always some a..hole around to has to find fault with someone or something.

  23. (start sarcasm) *Gasp* “You mean you’re NOT here to be my personal on demand entertainment?!” (end sarcasm)

    I like reading whatever it is you have to write just like all your other fans. How arrogant does someone need to be for them to expect you to cater to their every whim on your blog? Seriously!

  24. Your totally right – let them write a blog.
    One we don’t have to read preferably :-).
    Try not to get too too upset though, I think there are quite a few weirdos that have nothing better to do than leave insults on all blogs. In fact, I could mention a couple blogs where I pay a lot of attention -not- to read the comments ever because I’d get upset, and clearly this has nothing to do with the poor person who’s writing that good blog, so…

  25. Gosh, How can people sent bad comments? I just don’t understand it. When I don’t like what I read, I just skip it.
    The “worst” I would is to give my advice when asked about a project. I mean the kind of question of the blog owner “I’m not satisfied with this project, there’s something wrong but I don’t know why”. I might tell something then. But for the rest, you are your own master.
    Anyway, I like you blog and your sewing adventures, and the other as well. Go on!

  26. Wow, I have to admit I didn’t know this was happening, must have been living under a rock or something. Maybe because your blog is so popular a few bad apples are to be expected- but in no way ACCEPTED! This was no rant, just a clarification of the rules of engagement. You can now link to this post anytime you receive such hogwash. I so enjoy your blog and always look forward to your posts so please continue to just be you.

  27. I love your blog and don’t care what you write about. It’s all interesting and entertaining! I’ve learned a lot from you!

  28. Keep blogging the way you do! Don’t let some weirdo ruin it all. I love coming here every week to read about your new adventures/issues/sewing insights. Whoever wrote negative comments NEEDS A LIFE! There, nuff said. Don’t change your style or anything. I think Ann is right, it might be a good time to start moderating for awhile. Honestly, if you can’t say something constructive or encouraging, keep it to yourself or go somewhere else to read content. Life’s too short to worry about this! Keep at it!

  29. Don’t change anything, I have been following your blog and enjoy whatever you choose to write about, from baking to dating to sewing. You know, some people are jealous and love the anonymity here that allows them to chip away at others.

  30. The anonymity of the internet seems to make some people lose all sense of propriety or kindness or to others.
    I hope that it won’t keep you from writing your wonderful blog, because that would be a loss to all of us.

  31. There were some blogs I used to read religiously but when they kind of changed style or went on to topics that didn’t interest me, I just stopped reading them. It never would have occurred to me to criticize or comment in a negative way. It’s their blog for Gods sake, not mine! Crazy people!!

  32. Cidell don”t change anything yours is one of the best blogs, I love when you travel and write about your mom and dad, Keep blogging the way you do! Don’t let some weirdo ruin it all

  33. Some peopel are funny. Who could possibly think that you (or anyone else) blog simply for them? Perhaps they have some delusional issues…..seriously. Some people are not so clear in their own head.

  34. I like your periodic comments about life and whatever’s on your mind. My world is very limited, since I work from home and have everything delivered, so I visit other people to see what life’s like elsewhere. Go ahead and rant, and write whatever you want. I had someone a couple of weeks ago tell me my bread was ugly, under the name “anonymous” of course, and I lit into them the next time I wrote about bread. So, yeah, I feel your annoyance and agree with you.

    And I love the dress you sent your mother. She is beautiful! So glad she was happy.

  35. Because I’m way behind in everything I will comment on several things here. First of all, your Mother is GORGEOUS and the dress looks great on her. I love the fabric. You’ve inherited some good genes there, girl! Secondly, I love those polka dots on your dress and I’m really looking forward to seeing you wear it. Finally, the whole ranting on people’s comments is wrong. It’s like television; if you don’t like what’s on, you don’t have to listen. Use the remote control (or the back button in this case). I was shocked in reading your comments that Erica B has had someone tell her they don’t like her hair! What is this world coming to?? Reading a blog of a person you like is similar to sitting down for a chat with a friend. Sometimes your interests may vary, but because you like that person and consider them your friend, you keep listening. I always enjoy your blog and always read it. Sometimes I’m too lazy to comment, sometimes I’m not but I always enjoy what you have to say.

  36. What we have here is a very large club. We sew, primarily. But, we do other things as well. Each blogger is entitled to write what they want to write, whether about sewing, or not. People can read it, or not. No one has the right to critize someone’s blog. Interesting that they don’t want to use their names.

  37. I like your blog, whatever you write abt, though I love the sewing bits, as a new sewer myself…so keep up the great and inspiring work!

  38. I read your blog regularly but rarely comment. It’s a great blog and a model for my own. I try to stick to art quilts, but I do write posts about other things sometimes. It seems to me that you are a well-rounded person and I enjoy hearing about the life that inspires the beautiful garments that you make.

    Ignore them.

  39. 1st – your Mom looks fabulous in that dress !
    2nd – I can’t wait to see the full reveal of your dress from class, it was great watching you progress through all the learning involved.
    3rd – I think I’ve seen both of the comments that I believe you’re ranting about today (I also saw Marjie’s ‘ugly bread’ comment) and I had pretty much the same thoughts when I saw ’em. It’s their blog ! What were the commentors thinking ? And anonymous ! They’re cowards with nothing better to do.
    4th – I know mostly we post about sewing but, my goodness, we have other interests too ! I enjoy all your posts – keep them coming 🙂

  40. The nerve of some people! Just keep on doing what you do. You have a great blog.

  41. It is indeed a shame that the only way some people can get noticed is through something negative. Like you I don’t get it. I’d like to think it’s cause I’m thinking about the next project or working on solving the current project and really don’t have time to think about others’ foils – whatever they may be.

    Maybe this is a good time to talk about how inspiring your blog is. I love your tracing through your creative process in working through figuring out how certain components will work in the total garment. This is such an abstract thing, and there have been many times your process has inspired me and having been 30 years in the business, that’s saying a lot – IOW there isn’t a lot I don’t know, but I enjoy being inspired and having my creative juices get an oomph or two from your blogs.

    So keep ’em coming!!! There is a huge number who enjoy and look forward to them – and toward that end….where should we order the sunshine & warmth to appear for the full picture?

  42. I really like your blog. You have such a fun time and you sew too! I enjoy your take on life and how you manage to balance everything. Seize the day! Those commenters are living their dull life and its killing them.

  43. I wish I could write my thoughts in French, I would be more eloquent.

    OOOOhh only jealous people criticize others. Often disregard is triggered in people who do not feel that they are up to the level they would like to be… then they spit on others.

    I like your blog very much. I read what touches me the most. You make me discover aspects of a society I do not know a lot about. Brava! Your independence is a source of inspiration.

    Those mean beans do not have balls… I think this is a bit vulgar, I apologize, but this is it.

    Regards, Anne from Montreal.

  44. Oh Jeez–trolls again!

    I always assume people right their blogs for their own entertainment, not mine. Although it’s great when they mesh, don’t get me wrong.

    Some people need to get over themselves.

  45. Hey Cidell,
    I really don’t like you ranting. Could you just stick to the subject of sewing? specifically all tutorials, and make sure they are detailed….

    :):) ha! Gotcha!

    omigod, this is utter insanity. I had no idea what you guys had to put up with. total nonsense. bunch of losers out there with personality disorders.


  46. Personally, I love your blog, whatever you are writing about. Some of the sewist’s blogs I read also contain references to knitting (which I do not do). So what do I do? I scroll through all the pretty pictures and move on to another blog. That was hard, wasn’t it?

  47. You go, girl!!! Amen!!! Your blog, your thoughts, your feelings… I feel the same way about my blog… And, like many of the other commenters, I love your blog!

  48. I hear you!!! One of the bad things about this electronic communication thing – people seem to forget their manners. Usually those people didn’t have too many manners to begin with. If I read someone’s blog and they are not writing what I want to read – I click away from the blog. It’s that easy. I suggest everyone tries it

    PS. I love your blog!

  49. Oh my God, thank you. This kind of obnoxious, uncalled-for comment last happened to me on my very birthday (which incidentally was one of my worst birthdays ever). It was also totally unrelated to the garment I was showing, or to anything I was saying. Pure spite. I know this anonymous asshole doesn’t deserve this, but it still hurts. I’m now moderating all my comments.

    Thank you Cidell, from the bottom of my heart. Your post helps me cope with something that’s been nagging me since last week. Merci !

  50. I don’t have a blog because I don’t think I have the commentment to keep finding interesting things to write about. Perhaps you can make your comments area open by permission. I know the yahoo groups do this. It’s one way of screening. Since I haven’t set up a blog ..can you only allow people with email addresses that way you could just delete or spam? I thank you for letting me read yours.

  51. Hi, I’ve been meaning for a while to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoy, and have learned from your blog. Since you’re getting unwelcome feedback, it seemed a good time to send some positive vibes. Thanks for sharing your life and skills with us!

  52. Very well said.

    I moderate my comments now.

    Many people know I have been very ill for many years, and ever since I received a comment asking why I wasn’t dead yet (!!!!)…I’ve been moderating !

    ~ Pam (still alive..and planning to stay that way)

  53. I read the blogs I like. And even then, if I don’t like something or I don’t find something interesting, I simply ignore it. Where’s the problem? After all, I don’t share 100% the same opinions, tastes and interests even with my family or closest friends. I add my voice to those of the others who commented above: I like you blog very much!

  54. I’m with Claudine – if I weren’t too lazy I’d read all the comments on previous posts! Some people love to use the anonymity of the internet to write nasty things (read Pam’s comment!) – as if we are only required to be polite when someone knows us! I love your blog, don’t change a thing. Now that summer’s here, I’m looking for a wok for my grill – I’d never have known about such a thing had it not been for you. 🙂

  55. Amen and hallelujah! Let me say it again, Amen and then some!! That being said, I can’t wait for more news from the Panama scene. When are you going to make another trip there?

  56. I love your blog and thanks for this post. There seem to be a cadre of people who use the internet as mask they can hide behind and let the vitriol fly. Your blog is perfect for you, it is yours, and the same is true for all blog writers. Thank you for standing up for all of us.

  57. I’ve been checking out your blog for over a year, just recently commenting. I look forward to your blog, specifically because it feels so friendly, open, interesting and human – especially because it’s so you! It feels like it’s a gift from you, like hearing from a friend, who likes sewing/fashion/life like I do. While I don’t know you personally, it’s kinda like knowing someone in my office, who I’d be friends with. You are a interesting writer, have a fun life and gift all of us who read your blog with tidbits of neat things. Please know that there are so many of us who love your blog and that we support you 100%. Thank you, Cidell – keep up the great work.

  58. Wow, so that’s what happened to Carolyn! I had no idea there were trolls even on sewing blogs! But I did notice there were only 3 comments to that post.

    I feel naïve all of a sudden. Any blog owner has a right to deleted the comments if they are insulting or rude but I have to be honest, Cidell, when you posted about You-Know-What, it made me all confused. Same feeling I got from Carolyn’s post and Isabelle’s, for that matter.

    If you put it out there, even if you say “Don’t talk about it”, it does send, IMO, a bit of a mixed message. I’m writing this not to aggravate you (or anyone else) but because I’ve always felt frustrated by the yes/no aspect of this kind of thing.

    You’ll notice commenters here, there and elsewhere rutinely disregard the Verbotem imposed by the poster. Can you blame them? It’s usually about big news. Personally, I find it hard to resist.

    But to get back to the rudeness issue, this behavior is not new to me. I follow a lot of reader blogs and some topics/authors seem to generate Anonymous Hordes who will vituperate for or against. What is the point? What is the point of anonymity, for that matter? If you have an opinion, own it!

  59. Holy cow, I’m glad I’m on your good side! You are one feisty friend! 🙂
    Thanks for watching my back. I’m just trying to remain zen about the whole thing.

  60. Cidell I like reading your blog I started reading for the sewing information but then I love the side bar ones. I did notice some people moderate the comments and I did not understand why. One person was asking about sewing videos and I have a lot of sewing videos and I noticed the comment was not posted. I was just being honest to the question posted and I did leave my name.But if I do not have a positive comment I do not say anyting anymore.So here is a question if a person asks a question is it ok to leave a honest answer . I know for me if it was not for my friends somethimes I would leave the house looking a Hot Mess.

    Let me say my FAVORITE post of yours was when you showed the photograh your mother took of you, where there were others in the picture. I have been trying for months to get a good photo to put on a blog you should see the photo’s that I have. Keep up the Excellent blog

  61. I think I’m what’s known as a lurker. I read alot of blogs but don’t have time to comment – however, I think this was nicely put. Thank’s for taking the time to blog – I really enjoy anything you write about.

  62. I really love your blog and think you have a great talent expressing your thoughts and opinions. I’m inspired by your projects and sometimes you just plain make me laugh, a lot! Keep up the good work!

  63. I think I’d only be tempted to leave a complaining comment if you were to change anything you write. 😉 I love it all from sewing to travel to relationships to house to general observations to whatever YOU want to write on YOUR blog.

  64. Like Mr. Rogers, and Mark Darcy, I love you just the way you are! Don’t change a thing, not even your blog.

  65. I have never commented before, but- I enjoy reading your blog, all of it. Don’t change a thing. Some people are just born morons, I guess.

  66. Don’t let the laptop ganstas get you down. If they were busy being as productive as you are, they would not have time to do blog drive bys. I hardly ever comment, but am your number 1 lurker. I love your blog. It is one of my favorite sewing blogs. I have learned lots. Just keep swimming. I am starting to have flashbacks of the time you had to take the blog down (or turn it private)temporarily for some reason. Oh the horror.

    K in DFW

  67. I guess I’m out of the loop. I wasn’t aware that you had douchebags commenting on your blog! I had an anonymous troll on my previous blog once. Luckily she used an obscure word, which I searched on the PR boards and figured out who it was!

  68. I found your blog by accident- searching for something else, but have really enjoyed clicking randomly back onto it once in a while.

    First and foremost~ MODERATE your comments. I use blogger, so I’m not sure if your blog service will allow you to do this, but it is worth it to make sure the comments on your blog are to your liking. Hey, you can’t control much in this world, but a blog is a little universe in itself that you *can* control.

    AND, the ladies in these comments are the coolest! I *love* some of the visuals and wordship ~

    “This just means you’ve reached star status!”

    “let them write a blog. One we don’t have to read preferably”

    “I think I’d only be tempted to leave a complaining comment if you were to change anything you write.”

    “Like Mr. Rogers, and Mark Darcy, I love you just the way you are! ”

    “Don’t let the laptop ganstas get you down.”

    “Some people are just born morons, I guess.”

    “Just keep swimming.”

    There is a lot of love, support and horror at others’ insensitivity. Keep ruling your universe!

  69. This sounds like an “intercessory” comment to me. Either way, I don’t get how people can disrespect someone in that way after being specifically asked not to. Good for you, Cidell.

  70. While I love me some pretty pictures and inspiration as much as the next person, the blogs that I favour, regardless of subject, are the ones were the blogger is not afraid to show his or her personality. I love opinionated bloggers who are not afraid to be private at times. This is also the reason why I keep coming back to your blog (apart for the gorgeous stuff of course!).

    I am surprised to see that even sewing blogs attracts trolls. But apparently they do and I think it’s great that you tell them like it is – i.e. just stay away from the blog if you don’t like it! As for comments I have to say that personally I love the free flow of non-moderated comments, but I can totally understand why some people end up shutting that function down.

  71. Not much more I can as I certainly agree that if people don’t like what we write on our blogs they just don’t have to read them. I actually enjoy the chance to get to know the person behind the sewing and love that sewing blogs contain glimpses into someone’s life.

  72. Cidell, your blog is such a blessing and joy to read. I am so sorry that you received awful comments. As a faithful reader, you are awesome and thank you for writing what you do.

  73. Not to long ago I witnessed a similar situation on another one of the PR ladies blogs. WTF?! this is absolutely awful. I too enjoy all your posts and its great to see so many ladies with common interests come together. I love your blog lady and you do a great job at it!!

  74. Brava.

    I read a lot of blogs and I don’t comment as often as I should because my time is limited, but I can’t imagine taking the time to actually make NEGATIVE comments. Someone needs to get a life, and stop commenting on yours, because as comment #87, I think they’re pretty outnumbered as far as enjoying what you post here.

  75. WELL SAID!!!!! … a blog is something for yourself, your projects, food, travel, your whatever! Its one place where you can be ALL about you ALL the time! if you want.
    God bless and keep you! Have a great day and blog on!

  76. I thought I was the only one that said “For F… Sake?” LOL! I can understand, that would upset me to. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but ugliness and just outright meaness, I just would not tolerate. I guess I should take it as a blessing that my blog isn’t popular enough to get the crazies leaving me comments, I don’t have time for that mess. Anyway, when I do stop by, I love what you share, you brighten my day. :0)

  77. Love this rant. I agree with you. Isn’t is a shame some people waste time and energy leaving crazy comments. I believe they’re simply missing something in their own lives and want to “spread the hate” to everyone in their paths.

    Anyway, this post is totally hilarious and brought a series of smiles to my face. Hopefully, the culprit has found something else to do with their time.

    Thanks so much!

  78. People are definitely arseholes. 😀 I love your blog and sometimes I come just FOR the nail polish and celebrity gossip. I could care less if you sewed something this week. HA! I’m a bit behind on blog reading, as you can probably tell, but I ran across this post from Isabelle’s blog where she had a similar thing happen. I’ve had a twisted version of this happen about a year ago…a well known blogger left a really nasty comment on my blog telling me to stay off her blog!!! WTH? I had no idea what she was talking about since I hadn’t been on her blog in weeks. I emailed and asked what’s up and lo and behold…someone had left a nasty comment for her, but used my blog URL as their website! So even though the name didn’t match the name I post under, she assumed it was me because it linked to my site. Now that’s rotten. (I don’t think she ever did believe it wasn’t me, which is a shame, but c’est la vie.)

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