I Can Totally Make That!

Famous last words right? We all see something and think, ‘I can make that myself’ and then don’t. Well, this time I finally did…..

For a long time I only wore belts that came free with my pants. I did buy a skinny belt as a souvenir like five years ago in Florence. And, my friend Sheryl brought me a belt from Italy as a gift (I do her eyebrows, hem her jeans and watch her cat). But, I don’t really buy belts. And, since I don’t really buy pants anymore, I have no belts.

But, my final project dress desperately needed something to dress it up. And, the Lazy Milliner was on point when she said a red belt. Soooo, Anthropologie to the rescue again. I copied their Highly Gifted Sash. Retail $40.

I bought two 3/8 wide rolls of grosgrain ribbon for the braids (I may not know how to cornrow, but I can make a braid!) and one of the 5/8 inch wide. Anthropologie useded all 3/8 wide ribbon.

To make, sew the layers of ribbon together on top of each other — slightly overlapping. I used four rows. The original belt is 3.5 inches wide, mine is a little more narrow (limited only by the size of my buckle).  I do recommend pressing the belt with a warm iron when you are done. This helps the braids lay nice and flat and helps provide some shaping to the back of the belt. I only had a small buckle at home and I just wrapped the narrow ribbon around and threw a few stitches on the back to keep it together. No gluing! For the end of the belt, I serged it, folded it down once and stiched it to neaten.


My version, $5? Maybe? For some reason the red was photographing really hot. I tried to adjust. But, it was really easy. I think it could easily be done in an hour or two. If you don’t love it here, you will when it’s on the dress. I hope 🙂 There were so many ribbons and trims at Joanns that my mind is rushing. Guess what people are getting for Christmas this year?


  1. That’s an awesome belt – arn’t you clever!
    You said in your post “I think the rest is self explanatory”…ummm… not to me! Can you do a tutorial or at least explain the process a bit for those of us who are less gifted?! LOL 🙂

  2. Ok duh!
    Just went on the Anthropologie website, found the belt, looked at it using the zoom function and saw how it all went together.
    It takes me a while but I do get there in the end – promise!

  3. This is amazing. How did you make this? Very neat. I’m sure it will look great with the dress.

  4. Nice job Cidell. Belts for Christmas–wow, what a great idea! Now, I’m brainstorming here. I’m wondering –how about using zippers for the belt fabric? Maybe sewing them to a base?

  5. Love it! I love belts and since I only buy shoes and underwear these days, I feel totally justified in spending money on a belt. We won’t count all that money I spend on fabric!

  6. That is one cute belt! You did a great job. Definitely looks as good as the $40 one. Can’t wait to see it on the dress. And, am I seeing more dresses with belts in your future?

  7. Girl, you are really something!!! That is so cute, would love to see it together with the dress!

  8. I never can find belt buckles. I’d love to give this a try. Yours would be just stunning with a white dress!

  9. Great idea! I’ve been looking for an interesting belt to go with a dress I can’t finish because I think it looks boring and plain. Adding a belt like this is exactly what it needs. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  10. Love it! I love projects like this – they cost so much retail, but to make it yourself cost so little. Of course, I do love it because it is red, too. I can see it with the dress and it will give it the right punch and tie the fabrics together.

  11. May I put my Christmas order in early? How about one brown and one black? Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.

  12. Hello there Cidell, found your bloglink on PR where I’ve been an admirer of your creations and an appreciator of your vintage buttonhole attachment advocacy for some time :o) I’m glad I popped over for a look, I need a belt and you’ve inspired me to have a go at making one like yours right here! Thanks for your instructions. Kind regards, EmilyKate

  13. What an accomplishment. I really need to take the sloper class next time around. It was too much to do with my other sewing class. I am jealous! The dress looks amazing – simple is an understatement. It’s classy with a whimsical edge.

  14. Fantastic belt! You are way too creative! I’m a total belt fiend, so now I’m inspired to make my own!

  15. Fantastic! How did you attach the braid? Is the braid stitched down both sides?


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