East to West and back to East

I’m back from PR Weekend and have loads to show and tell from Portland and Seattle. But, I am beat! Thank you for all the comments on my Anthropologie knock off! I am so flattered and humbled! In Seattle I actually found the dress at Anthropologie and mine is better! Among the things to show:


Yeah. So much for not buying anything. I had to buy a box to pack up my findings and bring home. Actually, the box was split open on the conveyor belt at BWI, but luckily, nothing was lost and the folks at Air Tran loaned me a tape gun so I could get the box back to my car.

PR(L to R) Me, Leslie in Austin and Cindy Lou

So, posts forthcoming soon on Portland, Seattle and the whole nine (well, 12) yards.


  1. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics! Are you still in school? You must have loads of energy: school, work, sewing, and travel.
    As usual, enjoying your blog.

  2. You need to sleep? What nerve! We’re anxiously waiting to see your haul. Hopefully tomorrow? Sally

  3. It’s always the way – your own design is far better than anything you can buy and certainly better than ready-to-wear….it’s makes all the work so gratifying!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. You had to ‘buy’ that box?? That would imply that the box was new… Holy crap, what did they do to it at the airport? Use it as a football? lol I can understand why it’s bursting at the seams, as my box would look like that too if I spent a few days hanging out with other enablers, but that box…? lol

  5. What is the pattern for the fabulous top/dress you have on in the pic? The fabric is so awesome. I love your blog. I learned a lot from your pattern making class! πŸ™‚

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