Seattle and My New Found Love of All things Japanese (photo heavy)

So, I guess I’m starting at the end of my trip. After PR Weekend concluded in Portland, I invited myself to Christina’s place in Seattle, WA.

On Monday I spent the morning exploring downtown Seattle.

I found the first Starbucks (I found out later it actually wasn’t. But, I thought it was at the time and that’s good enough for me), Pike Place Market and the the Daiso store.

I think we all know that I loooove pink. I actually have very little in my wardrobe, but loads around the house. My stop by Daiso, the Japanese $1.50 store in Seattle did NOT help. Sisters, check this out:

Pink tape dispenser(s). The smaller one is for classes (hopefully draping this fall) and the larger one is for home. Totally excusable. Tape is a necessity in pattern design, right?

Pink mini bento boxes for lunch. They even come with mini chopsticks.

And loads-o-blotting paper. I’ve been told I shouldn’t get wrinkles because of my tragically oily skin. In the meantime, I blot, therefore I am. These things cost a small fortune around here. But, from Daiso, $1.50 a box of 200.There was more I picked up. But, I made myself sit in the aisle and put things back (cone shaped coffee filter holder, tea and coffee canister, etc). It’s going to be ugly the next time I’m in the Pacific Northwest.

And, check this:

Sewing supplies! Machine needles, hand sewing needles, elastic, velcro, covered buttons, zippers, shirt buttons, flat head pins, lots and lots of sewing supplies. I wish my dollar store was like this!

And, on the Japanese… I got two new Mrs. Stylebooks and a new for me Lady Boutique from Kinokuniya Bookstores in Seattle ( . I can’t buy them locally anymore 😦 And, these were $10 less each than I’d been paying! Christina has committed (cough) to buying them for me and just bringing them at PR Weekend Philly in 2010.

And if you’re unfamiliar, these are the drafting directions

Finally, the thing I may have like best about Seattle are the home styles. Seriously. I am in love with Craftsman style homes. It fits my whole ‘urban cottage’ aesthetic.

Everywhere I turned there were houses ripped from the pages of the now defunct Cottage Living. Not one red brick row house with marble steps to be found!


  1. Now, that is what I called a fantastic dollar store or $1.50 store. $10.00 dollars for each one of those books? that’s a bargain!

    I can tell you had a great time.

  2. Oh I am so jealous! Such awesome pattern inspriation. We have tons o craftsman here in South Orange and Maplewood, NJ. Its a gorgeous little secret just 30 min outside NYC (by train, my favorite mode of transport).

    love the red tee and the plaid bag.

    • Funny! I was marveling at the ranchers! I hadn’t seen one in about 20 years!

  3. I’m from Seattle. I don’t live there anymore, but last time I was visiting my folks we went to that same dollar store and I got some cotton fabric that has four leaf clovers printed all over it and says “happy symbol leaf” everywhere. It is hilarious. I’m using for pants for my friend’s daughter who was born this St. Paddy’s Day.

    I’m glad you had fun. It’s beautiful city full of wonderful people!

  4. I love the photo of yourself and Christina. I’m so jealous. It sounds like everyone had such a fabulous weekend together. I’m loving seeing all the photos though and the reports.

  5. I looove Daiso. I was in the SF Bay Area for a wedding and a bunch of people thought I was nuts for wanting to drive to the suburbs to go to Daiso while I was there.

  6. I’m jealous too! This seems like heaven.
    In fact, I’m not jealous, I’m glad you had a great trip and I wait for your next pictures.

  7. Craftsman style homes are my favorite ( I too subscribed to Cottage Living:(), I like to call my rancher a “poor man’s craftman”. I see why you like Mrs Stylebook, the designs are wonderful! I’ll satisfy myself by seeing you make up these beauties.

  8. I love Seattle – we always go to Daiso whenever we are there. Such cute stuff! I’m glad you had a good trip!

  9. Thanks for all the Japanese pattern update. I love their stuff too – it’s so architectural – it’s a really innovative and creative way of designing and sewing. Thanks.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I’m totally checking out that $1.50 store when I go visit my sis in July. I need oil blotting paper too and it’s soooo expensive. Cheers to staying wrinkle free because we have oily skin (at least that is my hope too!).

  11. OMG!!! I love love LOVE that red top with the ruffles peeking out at the back! Since I have no idea whatsoever where/how I’d get any of these books in Canada (except I guess for in Vancouver maybe – the totally wrong side of the country for me) and I have no one to get them for me, I guess I’m just gonna have to rip it off, oh well ;oP

    It’s kind of a pity that the population of Canada is spread so thin across most of the country, making things like a “PR weekend” so logistically difficult….except in the ‘big 3’ of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver cause I’d just love to do something like this sometime, I’ve been so starved for sewing friends most of the last 4 years!!

    Glad you had a great time though! What inspiration get cracking on more projects it must have been!

  12. Great trip! Christina is a peach for being a hostess. Thanks for sharing the great pictures 🙂

    Your Seattle pictures are making this American girl very homesick–for Asia!

  13. I love that blue tie-top and the black dresses! Of course they’re the most complicated designs so it’s not too likely I’ll make them, but still 🙂

  14. All your other purchases are ok, but how much do I l-o-v-e your Japanese sewing books? I covet them 🙂

  15. Did you really get the sewing books at Daiso? I think I may need to take a trip by there. I too love the red top with the ruffles peeking out. Gorgeous!

  16. Celie,

    Where in Seattle did you find Mrs Stylebook and Lady Boutique? I checked at Daiso this weekend, and they did not have them. In fact, they looked at me a little crazy, when I was insistant that they had had them in the past.

  17. What a great trip you all had! I would have had a hard time not buying one of those sweet little Seattle houses. How picturesque the whole place is. Weren’t you at least a little tempted to send for your things and not come back East?

  18. @Kaylene, I think the pattern mags should be at Kinokuniya (in Uwajimaya) — I have seen at least Mrs. Stylebook at the main store downtown.

    I just found out today that Daiso has an online store! Not as good as going to the actual store, as it only sells in bulk, but for those of you not in the area, better than nothing?

  19. Hi Cidell,
    I was sorry not to have been able to make it to Portland. I so enjoyed meeting everyone in LA last year.
    I was in Japan in November and your Mrs. Stylebook photos brought back some great memories of touring the Ginza where the women and girls all dress to the nines- their stylishness puts our schlumpy dress to shame! Lets bring back style to American life! Let’s wear some of those fabulous garments we’ve been sewing (and get a tie onto DH- ha!).

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