Frankening a Pattern

Another reason to love Burda World of Fashion (BWOF. Or BWTF when they don’t make sense). They have every pattern you could ever want. And now that I’ve got them sorted out, thumbing through was so easy! I am often stymied by too many choices. Here are the four patterns that I’m considering to make the biker jacket.

I really like the collar and sleeve zippers on this one 5-2008-119. But, I want the zipper to go all the way up through the neck. Because my neck is always cold. Probably because it’s always thrusting forward. Kind of like this:

Easy enough I think. 12-2008-119. ETA: I was googling and found this: That’s how I want to zipper to go and keep the collar I like best:

I like the front zipper placements on this one best. Including the useless one on the chest. 9-2008-113 But, I think I can’t do a lower band and I’m *not* using ribbing.

I like the princess seams on this one best and how it tapers in. 11-2005-117 This is the one Christina made, so I would want to extend it by two inches I think.

Issues to resolve: No lining. The sherpa is awfully thick when doubled. I looked online and the RTW jackets seem to have matching denim — minus the sherpa used on hem bands, etc.ย  I’ll use some combination of seam binding and edges finished with a double row of straight stitching

Not that I’m anywhere near tracing. But, don’t we all spend our time plotting and thinking over projects ๐Ÿ™‚

AJ asked if I have tough biker boots to go with proposed jacket. Well, I think I do:

Israel boots,

Israel Boots

New Zealand Boots — I don’t know why I’m looking up so oddly. Hunh.ย  I should point on that the first pair make my toes hurt and the second Israel boots split on the side. Which would make it the SECOND pair of my three Israel boots that split on the side. And aren’t very warm. Or waterproof. The New Zealand boots were a 1/4 of the price and are better on all counts.

Original Post on the boots:

And finally, Iโ€™m wearing these boots I got in Israel over the summer. We were leaving out of Tel Aviv and stopped at the mall for dinner. While everyone got their last taste of Kosher McDonalds, I ran into the shoe store and bought three pairs of boots in less than an hour. They barely fit in my suitcase. And my co-workers who were heading back home refused to carry any back for me. So, I carted all three pairs over to Egypt for another three days. In fact, I wore a pair the entire time I was in 105 degree Egypt since my sandals took up less luggage space. Guess whoโ€™s laughing now?

I’m decidedly not laughing now

Sorry, I was confusing in my post about Seattle. The MSB’s and Lady Boutiques are not at Daiso, they are at Kinokuniya


  1. I absolutely love planning my sewing and crafting projects. only problem is that is where my motivation stops!

    Do you think a shoe can me fixed by a cobbler/shoe guy?

  2. Cecile, I Googled Sherpa lined jackets, and found this. This jacket is using fabric like yours and the buttonholes look stitched.

    If you Google, you will find other leather jackets with what looks like a leather (or faux) binding to which the zipper is attached.

    None are like the style that is attracting you so with all the bulk of the sherpa facing, try not to make the jacket too snug.

    • I did that just a minute ago. I’m thinking a line of double stitching will keep the denim from unraveling too badly. But, I think it’s too thick for a waistband. I’m definitely sizing up.

  3. The forward neck thing… my tailoring tutor at college – he of the *many* smart remarks – said that his wife had that problem and when she wore a rtw raincoat he always worried she might drown… from all the water running straight down the back of her neck! I have a minor version of same problem, so when I made my jacket and coat, he pinched out 1cm at the CB neck and hey presto – no drips or draughts!

    Yeah, I remember those boots, love the western style ones. Not lovin that they split on you, eek after all that hot work to bring them home! Not nice. I guess the New Zealander’s know leather!


  4. I wondered what happened to all the leather from our lambs…

    (from an ex-pat kiwi in Scotland who misses seeing millions of sheep on the hillsides).

    Gutted the boots split – they are enviably cool.

  5. Cidell,
    If you really love the boots take them to a shoe repair place they should be able to repair them. I had mine repaired and I had the heels replaced.

  6. I like the last option – the Christina jacket – best. Because who will be able to see the topstitching through the sherpa backed denim?

  7. A real biker jacket doesn’t have a waistband. There is a kidney band at the back ie the band dips down and is topstitched. The belt goes from the side seams only to tighten across the hips in front. The angled zip goes across the chest so that the collar can fold up and be buttoned around the neck to keep you warm (I get cold around the neck all the time). When it is unzipped and unbuttoned the collar folds down and creates lapels. As I actually ride a motorcycle and own two bike jackets, I would be happy to photograph details of mine if it helps. The image I have in my mind of you and this jacket actually is more like a WWII flying jacket. Have a look at these
    I really can’t wait to see what you make!

  8. BWTF – LOL over this one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    What ever pattern you decide I’m sure it will be fab. I’ve had the first pattern on my to do list for a while but I don’t think it will ever eventuate, so I’ll live through you instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I like number 4. I’ve a similar set up of photocopies to look through for BWOF (BWTF — very funny!). Although since I’ve just magazines since 2006, I’m only know growing out of a duotang. I’m impressed at your collection since 2000.

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