Lost and Found and Some Pattern De-Stashing

UPDATE: I remember!

Right, again with the cleaning / moving of the sewing room. This is going to be an all summer project I think. At any rate, I went at it hard today looking for my missing three Burda World of Fashions (1/08 — on loan, 2/08 — still missing, and 5/07 — on loan). In addition to my pink Dritz C-Thru ruler. Lo and behold, what did I find?

The rayon knit from Philadelphia!! It’s been missing about eight months now and it turned up crammed on a shelf.

It’s a good thing I broke down and bought more black knit last week thinking this one was lost for all time.

I also started pulling out my traditional sewing patterns. I didn’t think I had that many as I had done a big (not thought out) purge five years ago.

Hummm. Ok. So, these will get the color scan at work during the next few weeks, burned on a CD and stored on Flickr.

And, anyone want some patterns? Here we have two vintage robes / smoking jackets.  I think they have both been cut into.

And grey velvet with very faint greenish paisley swirls. I’ll never make something for myself out of this. Maybe three or four yards? TAKEN

You also have a men’s jacket, quite similar in style to a Burberry trench. TAKEN

The velvet and pattern can be yours for the cost of a flat rate box to wherever you are. International included. Just email me at miss celies pants at gmail dot com.


  1. Ooo…that velvet is gorgeous! I can definitely understand about the intense process of moving a sewing room. Mine is much less extensive than yours, and it seemed to take forever when I moved it into the basement last year. I hope it goes fairly smoothly for you!

  2. If you have no takers for the fabric and patterns, I’ll take them off your hands! I have the perfect coat in mind for the fabric and I have four metres of terry towelling that has been wanting to become a robe for a long time.

  3. Cleaning the sewing space is a lifelong project – at least it is for me. That black knit was hiding from you until you bought some more. I have had that happen many times, but usually with notions. Buy zippers – they disappear – buy more zippers – Magic! original zippers appear. You’ll find the Burdas when they want to be found

  4. I’ll take the men’s trench coat pattern if it’s still available. (sorry, I have no need for the other patterns or fabric – I feel a little pattern and fabric purge coming on myself!).

  5. If one of the robe patterns is available, I will most certainly take one. Hubby’s RTW robe is scratchy, so he needs one of fleece. While I do have a contemporary pattern, I really prefer vintage. Thanks.

  6. I think you’ll be so happy after the clean up. My sewing room is small and I haven’t had it that long, but that hasn’t stopped me from overfilling and cluttering it up in a big way. I admit I’m a slob! But it finally hit me that what little sewing I’ve done lately has been downstairs in my living room on my portable machine, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with my sewing room. Crazy.

    Anyway, I tackled some of it over the long weekend and the effect was immediate: I got halfway through the Jalie stretch jeans pattern which I’ve had for well over a month. The partial de-cluttering has made a huge difference–I actually want to sew more and I’m getting more done.

    Any chance you’d share your BWOF filing strategy?

  7. Brava on cleaning the sewing room and de-stashing patterns and fabric you’ve lost interest in! I wish I could do it, but you’re much more courageous than I am.

    By the way, I have a Burberry trenchcoat and this pattern is nothing like it. It’s more of a balmacaan, actually.

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