Fashion Show

First, can I say that I love how IKEA is stepping up to the home sewer? Kristy and I got there early yesterday to have a look around. I mean, really, who doesn’t always need something from IKEA?

I love this ‘sewing area’ display they had set up. Complete with binders for your sewing patterns.

They are selling starter sewing kits too.

This cute, stackable storage container

I absolutely bought two storage sewlutions for the sewing room. The pattern storage solution is too heavy to get out of the car by myself. And the other has 30 pieces. So, we’ll just have to wait on it.

Also, love their use of fabric to decorate

And, the most fun thing I purchased were these two pillowcases. They are $8.99 for both.

I bought two sets and will take them apart to make sewing machine covers. Something I’ve been needing to do for a good long time now. I am even tempted to make a Weekender bag out of them too since that’s a good size for carrying my new Featherweight.

So, the fashion show was really interesting. I think Lisette, Kristy and I were absolutely checking out construction. And, not just because we sew. You can’t help but notice construction, because if it looks sloppy, you’re distracted from the design. There are 15 semifinalists and you (yes, even YOU) can vote online for your favorites.

Apparently, someone thought it would be totally funny to put my daughter in the show.

Like seriously. Can’t you imagine I would have a kid that looks like this? She strutted in an Kristy and I were shouting ‘WE LOVE YOUR HAIR’!!

This, stylistically may have been my favorite. I love the two different fabrics and the twisted bubble skirt.

Very cute / sweet look. Love the details on the neckline.

Take a look at the yellow pleating on the bodice. Lovely.

I love that this designer went all out! But, he used a black invisible zip that you could see against the white in the back of the skirt.


Again, I liked the fabric mix. Was happy it wasn’t the black and white print that most people gravitated too.

THIS was the BEST finishing I saw on anything. I love how she followed the pattern print to create those leaves. I should also say I ‘know’ the designer. As well as you know anyone from the internet that you’ve never met IRL. But, seriously, this dress was great.

The guys outfit was really basic. And, honestly, I was too distracted by all those muscles and the green eyes.

How freaking CUTE is this. I think I have a love affair for piping. Because that’s what also made me love the dress below.

I think I would have done something different with the straps on the dress on the left. And, imagine the impact if the bottom was finished like #5

The dress on the right is a basic sheath dress.

Love the dress on the right. The dress on the left was interesting because they used kind of like a sack cloth fabric. The fabric just makes the dress on the right.


So, below is what I meant about the invisible zippers in the ‘wrong’ color. That being said, maybe that was the look they were going for.

This exposed zip I loved. This is obviously on purpose.

After, I was so inspired I bought the white fabric below to go with this orange jacket that I never have anything to wear with!

Overall, lots of fun and great to meet up with Lisette. So, make sure you vote for your favorites.


  1. Thanks for the reportage.
    I love #3 and 5 dresses,
    (and the male features of #6, but that’s another story)
    Ikea here used to sell fabrics, but they stopped many years ago.
    However, I’ll soon go there to see if I can find me a good chair, to go with my sewing machine.

  2. Thanks for posting all these outfits. It was fun to check them out.

    I’m a bit confused on the invisible zipper thing. Were they installed poorly that you can actually see the black tape / teeth? I mean, invisible zippers are supposed to be just that…invisible.

  3. #5 is my favorite – such great use of that fabric! And seriously, why did they cover up those delicious abs on that dude – cuz those are the attraction, not that shirt!

  4. Wow, this really makes me want to run into the next Ikea and shop some fabrics! What great creations. Seems you had a great and inspiring day!

  5. I’ve got the fabric from #11 on my diningroom table right now – I’d never think of a lot of the Ikea fabrics as apparel because I’m short and rather..mmm…round so I steer away from large prints like the plague. But perhaps I should rethink that, right? Some of this stuff is just so terminally cute – great use of the materials.

  6. How fun! I agree with LisaB. I think much of the problem was they weren’t installed correctly. I’ve put black invisible zips in non-black garments and the only part that shows is the pull/

    LOVE the pattern storage unit. I think there’s an Ikea trip in my near future.

  7. Lots of fun. Thanks for posting the pictures. The sewing area setup was great. I need to make an Ikea run soon too.

  8. What kind of car do you have? Last year I bought the aneboda dresser and bring it at home in my Yaris. No problems. The dresser work beautifuly for patterns.

  9. This is awesome! I wish the Ikea here would do this. Love your blog too. Very inspiring. Have a good one.

  10. Love the how IKEA is sew friendly and trying not conjure up ideas to renovate my sewing room. Awesome fashion show.

  11. Great photos! Lots of inspiration. Thanks for posting them with your added comments. It’s always good to hear from a sewer’s point of view. 🙂 LOVE the fabric you bought to go with the jacket! How great is that outfit going to be?!

  12. Love these pictures! It looks like so much fun– sorry I missed it, but keep me in mind for next time!

  13. OMG! Your post made me want to run out to IKEA!!! And I need a new bookcase, too! Thanks for all the pics, they were really fun to look at and see the different types of fabric they offer! Now how to get out to IKEA, soon!!!

  14. Wow, I wonder if my Ikea is as cool as yours; must check it out. I must say Baltimore is pretty innovative when it comes to retail. That mall near you has a new style Forever 21 and several stores we don’t have here yet in the greater NYC area, you have Jo-Ann superstores, a trendy Ikea….

  15. Did you daughter make that dress?!?! If so that is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen and Im totally voting for her!!!

  16. I wish those sort of things happened at my Ikea… I had to buy another Aneboda to fit in some more patterns that followed me home recently, and I was planning to make curtains for my living room from the fabric you bought LOL!

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