I L-O-V-E the June 2009 Burda

Like, really, really love it. Love it so much that I tweeted Cindy to make sure she had it (she did and was already making something up from it).

Love it so much that I jokingly admonished Deepika for selling hers in the classifieds.

Love it so much, that Trena and I are actually in the current month of BWOF and our Podcast.

You can go here to listen



  1. I’ve been hearing that people don’t like the June issue. While I wasn’t thrilled with the online preview I saw, I really am digging a lot of the patterns in the actual magazine. Can’t wait to see what you make first.

  2. I actually have created a worksheet, where I keep track of my subscriptions, and when they arrive. I would go for long periods of not even going in the sewing room, and not realize that I either lost or did not receive a BWOF. Now I know the day I received it, AND I know when to expect the next one. It’s embarrassing to have to buy one when you already have a subscription.

  3. The dress looks great, even though you aren’t totally happy with it you should remember that this is your first attempt at pattern drafting and give your self a break, it’s pretty fantastic! I like your version better, especially your color choices are certainly better. i like the length on you. I have become much more conscious about length and proportion lately and getting it right makes a big difference.
    About Issy, you and my dd! She names everything. Also, hmhm, if you decide you want to sell it, I would be happy to take it off your hands!

  4. I really like this issue too. I just made that pleated knit top. I chose the wrong fabric so it’ll be a wadder. I’ll be doing it again in a more stable knit. I’m going to review it today, I think. Maybe I’ll do that right now.

  5. This dress is cute and gorgeous and just sexy enough. I’m glad you’re showing your knees – you’ve got great legs! The length of the skirts I make for myself is 16 inches from waist to hem, so I show a lot of leg and I’m a lot older than you! While you’re talking up a storm about June BWOF, please note that I just got the March one yesterday!!!! I really have to subscribe so I get them on time, I’m so jealous.

  6. I have to wait until next week to purchase my June BWOF. It takes that long for the one magazine shop in town that carries them to get them in.

  7. Yes, there is a lot to like in that issue, especially for my daughther!

    Think I’ve said this before, but it’s curious you’re on the BWOF pages with a KNIP Mode skirt! Or is the top a BWOF pattern?

  8. This is an awesome dress and MUCH nicer than the original. I love the ribbon belt too. Just think what creative things you can do now that you have your basic pattern drafted. Pretty soon Anthropolgie will be copying YOU

  9. Ooh I’m so making time to listen to this tomorrow. I’ll even bring my issue with me to refer to, as for once I actually have the issue when you talk about it! (but only because I was really naughty and bought it in a shop a full 2 weeks before my subscription copy is due to arrive, aye yae)

  10. I was disturbed by the Proud White Massai. And the heading Escort Service on page 49 of the Plus section wasn’t any better. Who is writing those headlines?

  11. OMG, I love your voices and your accents. I share your love for this Burda issue. Btw, I always wondered how the English speakers pronounce Burda and now I know – it’s different from how it’s pronounced here.

  12. I really like what I’ve seen of this issue – now if it would just arrive in my mailbox, I could get sewing on it!

  13. This is completely off topic but I need to share with someone who will understand: Cydell, while I have been sewing for years, I have never done any serious sewing. Now my son is getting married and I decided that I want to sew my dress for the wedding. I am scared.

  14. I listened to the podcast a few days ago and…did you just challenge Trena to a Flounce-Off??? Because, I agree with her that it seems too much for a true Petite. I’m thinking a t-shirt with the round cut-out, myself.

    And to JudithNYC, here, let me hold your hand a little bit before you start. Go for it!

  15. “I was disturbed by the Proud White Massai. And the heading Escort Service on page 49 of the Plus section wasn’t any better. Who is writing those headlines?”

    It might be the wrong/faulty translation from German into English!?!
    I live here in Germany and have the June copy of the magazine and I can assure you that the headings are saying something else…….
    The Germans can be ‘dreist'(brazen) but even they know what is acceptable….mind you, they are still in the learning process! I am confronted
    with this very often.

  16. Just one more thing, I didn’t see the ‘Escort Service’ heading you mentioned! Maybe the pages are numbered differently too. You could write to Burda and bring this to their attention, it is an international magazine afterall.

  17. I better go and listen to your podcast right now, cos I am just NOT loving June. Maybe it is my age – nothing looks appropriate. Also nothing much is fitted and my shape needs that. Will be interesting to hear which ones you love.

  18. I just listened to your awesome podcast. Great job!! I liked the June issue also. It’s simple but elegant.

  19. I just recently found your blog! You have been given the “One Lovely Blog” award by–me! Stop by my blog, copy/paste the blog picture to your own blog. Enjoy!

  20. Yeah, I was all excited to *get* the June BWOF cause it was already in my new mailbox when I arrived at my new apt that I had travelled back 3000km (in a Uhaul!) to Ontario (from Alberta) to move into. But, I’m not much lovin’ what’s in it. I’m actually not really into the direction they’ve been heading so far this year. I also look best in garments that are fitted, and there has lately been a definite dearth in that respect. Boo. I think 2006 is still my fave year – lots of fitted, pretty things!

    That being said, there are definitely a few things I think are very cute in it. And I’ve always wanted to make myself some of those obi-type belts, and they’ve given several! Yay!

  21. Thanks for the Podcast. I enjoyed listening whilst tracing my 3RD item out of the June issue. Obviously I love it also! Looking forward to making 116 and 128. Noticed on Hungry Zombie Couture that you’ve been watching, “Being Erica.” I’ve enjoyed that also and am looking forward to the next season.

  22. I can’t agree with you more, i love this issue<3.
    Listening to the podcast was fun!

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