I wasn’t kidding about the June BWOF

I’m halfway done sewing up #107 dress from the June BWOF. I’m making it in a light navy linen.
June 107

And, I last night I traced off the Kimono style shirt dress from the June Burda. I’m thinking a pretty baby pink. I noticed the model is wearing a skirt with it in the magazine. So I chose something from the stash that could accommodate skirt and dress. It might be too much pink, but we’ll see.


This weekend I should be mowing my lawn. And I will. I think. Maybe later. And now, I’m off to find a baguette. In Seattle, Christina pointed me to a French bakery where I got the most delicious baugette with butter and jam. There’s a little place near me named Bonjour and I’m hoping they can do the same.


  1. The crazy thing is how we can both look at the same issue, say it’s great, and yet make totally different things. Those both were items I just glanced over before moving on, never thought of making. Waiting to see how they turn out.

  2. I loved the dress and passed it by. I think that i need more structure than this dress and I’d need a strapless bra, and that kind of defeats the purpose of a light weight summer dress. But, on you, it will be wonderful I am sure.

  3. Those are my 2 faves from the June issue too! I’m thinking of using a green cotton/silk shirting that I got at Fabric Depot. I noticed the skirt too, I wonder if you really need that or she just doesn’t want to button all the way down. Report back.

  4. Wow. Two items in the same month as the magazine??!?!?! I want to see that #107 dress. I bet it’s awesome.

  5. I’m looking at the same two patterns right now as well.
    I was planning on making # 107 in black and #110 in fushica with a black skirt underneath.
    Great minds DO think alike!

  6. The June issue is my very *first* BWOF, so it’s very exciting to hear you give it such a rave review. I loved the whole midnight blue + black layout, and I can’t wait to see your versions. (I traced the cropped trousers this weekend).

  7. I don’t think too much pink, but I do think that a pink skirt would just be wasting a fabulous chance for something bright and graphic and oh-so-interesting that would peek out. I’ve been hankering after a bit of kimono goodness, too, but am searching something that will be roomy but not dwarf me. Except in places, of course. I’ll look forward to seeing yours!

  8. So the kimono dress has buttons? I totally missed that–if so, I’m on board. I love so many things in this issue. One one of my faves also.

  9. Love the dress. Can’t wait to see it on you. Also love the new look of your blog. Tres chic!

  10. Hi, these 2 garments are on my to-do list too. And regarding french bread, the spelling is “baguette”. I hope you’ll enjoy your snack.

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  12. That is going to be so awesome on you! I did enough yard work this weekend (again!!) for both of us. Being inside sewing is much more fun.

  13. I love the dress and definitely want to make it. I always get annoyed that I have to wait an extra two months for the current issues of BWOF to reach Australia.

  14. Oh man! You beat me to that dress in a lightweight navy linen! I’m not kidding — that was the next thing in my list. A good thing we don’t live in the same city.

  15. I’m still waiting for the June issue to warm up on me, maybe my taste is just too specific (or just too conservative) to really appreciate the shapes. But I can really see why it appeals to others, I think Burda magazine has cleared out the occasional Euro tacky designs and really gotten their act together lately.

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