Mid Weekend Skirt Making

It’s the close of Day Two in NYC. Trena’s just heading back to DC and I’m still in Brooklyn until Monday morning.

The Garment District was OURS on Friday. We hit Parons, Metro Textile, Pacific Trim, Greenberg & Hammer and Spandex House to name a few. Seriously, Trena and I shopped from morning to night. But, I stayed on budget! 

The NYC Garment District is mecca for the sewist. One of the great silk jerseys we picked up was turned into a skirt for my favorite Aunt Judy who put Trena and I up for the weekend.

We drafted a pattern from the Simplicity website and used my Granny’s ‘Stitch-O-Matic’ to pull it together. Granny was a seamstress back in Carriacou and made most of her 10 kids clothing growing up. But, she didn’t sew much after coming to the States in the mid 70s.  She handed me a can of oil and it ran just as smooth as the day it was made.

Luckily, Aunt Judy had a few different tops to go with it. Our skirt was a slight aline with a foldover waistband. We reinforced the waistband with elastic in the seam line.  The fabric is an absolute joy to sew with. Silky and soft with an amazing sheen.

Clearly, we are kind of proud of ourselves 🙂

Tomorrow is the wedding and I’m back home on Monday with fabric photos and new project ideas.


  1. That first photo is wonderful! You all look like you’re having a great time. I really am moving to your side of the world so I can join in the fun. I only get to share my sewing with the dog and she ever seems happy with anything I make.

  2. Jealous with capital “J”! The two of you will go home, armed with beautiful fabric and memories of good times. Your aunt will be so proud to wear that skirt. Sounds like you’re having such fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing the fun! We all envy you. Can’t wait for a full report of the “spoils” from both of you!

  4. What wonderful photos! You all look so happy and beautiful.Wow, a fantastic visit and productivity, too. Amazing. Love Judy’s new skirt — love the fabric and the multiple stylings. Go sewing sisters! Go Granny’s Stitch-o-Matic!

  5. Great skirt and great story!! Everything perfection. I remember many years ago, when my mom took us to visit her family in the UK, we arrived at the home of one of her sisters on my birthday. When she found out and I had remarked about a skirt that my cousin was wearing (simply because it had this wide elasticized and shirred waistband on it, something I’d never seen before), she opened her stash, told me to pick out a piece of fabric and she’d make me a skirt. Which I did..and she did – right there and then. I thought the woman was truly magical. Now, I also recall the fabric – which had huge bright blue cabbage roses on it – totally inappropriate for an 8-year old, but I loved that thing and especially loved the fact that she could whip it up in a flash for me for my birthday!!(and oh, yes – I’m pretty sure that event had SOMETHING to do with my lusting after learning how to sew..)

  6. Cannot wait to see your new stash. So jealous. And Aunt Judy looks like an awesome woman that I need to meet. I remember drooling over that silk jersey on Gorgeous Things’ website, nice!

  7. Hi! I found your blog a couple of months ago. I really enjoy reading it and seeing what you sew up next. The skirt for your Aunt looks great and she looks like she loves it for sure. I’m jealous of your trip to the fabric stores!! I could look at fabric all day long also.


  8. You’ve raised the bar really high for hostess gifts now. Beautiful skirt, I love the fabric, and you both look very happy and pleased with yourselves, and your aunt looks loevly.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun and the skirt is great, a lovely and very appropriate thank you gift.

  10. Lucky Auntie! Beautifully done and she’s already making cute outfits with it.

  11. Aunt Judy looks great in a great skirt!

    I am so jealous. I miss shopping for fabrics in the garment district. We need a fabric district in Maryland! Art Max was one of my fabric stores. Now it’s closed and gone.

  12. Your auntie is stylin’ something serious. And, the two of you are beaming so modestly!

  13. I love all of your pictures and stories, but this has to be the BEST! Thanks so much for sharing your trip to NYC. Is Aunt Judy on your Mom or Dad’s side? You can tell I love aunts. I had 13 aunts, (all have passed). I have relatives in Long Island.

    Got any pics of your purchaces, or is that another post. 🙂

  14. What a nice gift for Aunt Judy, a generous lady indeed, opening her home for you! Looks like a wonderful weekend. Did you take a train to NYC, or did you have to brave the Jersey traffic?

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