Dude, seriously

I have to work today but, I wanted to give you a heads up on the #151 leather style Obi from the June 2009 BWOF.

Pretty, non?

Yet, criminally long and big. Those ties are hitting the floor. After finishing mine last night and calling Trena she realized she forgot to warn me. If you’re planning on making this obi, cut the ties in half and be prepared to take six inches or so out of the belt itself. At least, that’s what I’d do. I’ll have to fix it tomorrow.

One of the events I’m going today is Baltimore Pride. I was tempted to do a Skittles manicure, but decided on a fun summer color (a gift from Deepika) and a decal. Hee Hee. It’s the conformist in me that loves the skull and the sewist that digs the scissors.


  1. hehehe..love the ‘skull and scissors’ – must be a sewist as pirate? Anyway, I’m trying to imagine how the obi is supposed to go, really – are the wide edges supposed to meet at the center of your back and then the narrow strings come around the front? If so, then that obi is one honkin’ big deal and anyone who is going to make it will need to do a muslin or measure around their waist and divide by 2 and use that measurement from the center front. Ideas?

    • The dark blue are supposed to be side panels, so I think they shouldn’t show at the front. I can wrap the small pink around about three times to get the straps shorter, but it looks kind of full and junky.

  2. Without having seen the BWOF issue, shouldn’t the ties go around the body at least once, like on a hakama?

    • I did, but it looked really busy. And, they don’t have this obi on a model so I can see what they were going for.

      • I got a quick look at it at the store yesterday and what I saw made it unclear. Some of them did seem to show the multiple wraps with the tie in the front, which is what I would expect, but I didn’t get to read if they had anything on wearing versus making (which you would have read anyway, so I’ll guess not).

  3. oh wow where did you get the decal?! I have been doing my own pedi’s and like having something on the big toe and was just thinking decals. Like the Obi and thanks for the tip as I was thinking of possibly making one

  4. A couple of years ago I would have been ok with something around my waist but these days I’m looking kind of thick! I’d like to blame it on age but I think beer comsumption has more to do with it! BTW, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been to Toronto for their gay pride weekend! The first time we went we just happened to be there visiting family. We purposely planned our next visit for that weekend so we could go again. It’s huge and fabulous (and it’s never rained on gay pride yet!).

    • I used to work at the Fabricland at Yonge & Bloor (a main intersection of Toronto that the parade goes through), um, a “few” years ago. We used to take turns going up onto the street to watch some of the parade – what fun! It’s like a huge Santa Claus parade on ‘e’ or something!!

  5. I would think that they need to wrap around the waist at least once and return to the front, but I agree that it would have been nice to see it on someone to figure out what they were thinking.

  6. Yu hu Cidell! I Picked up a copy of the July Burda this past Saturday. I was surprised it was already in the shops here. The June Publication sold out quickly here too. Just to ruin the suspense….it is mostly all about vacation/holiday attire. Still, nice things to make.

  7. This is sooo timely, you can’t believe. I was thinking that I’m only enamoured with the obi belts in the issue and maybe should trace them out. (Was having a slooow Sunday due to elections)

    Anyway, it so happens that I have just unearthed my mother’s 20+ yr old obi-style belts. One is lightly quilted fabric and the other a sadly dried out red leather. Will post about them but they are quite narrow, with short ties (or is my waist thick?). Perfect for me.

    Watch my blog for details. I feel a knock-off coming on, LOL!

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