1. No, but it truly is the perfect combo of red, white, and blues…Generally speaking, BCBG really does use some fabulous print jerseys! If you find some, promise you will let the rest of us know?? Pretty please?

  2. I love that fabric, but I haven’t seen it. Mood Fabrics might carry it or something very close to it.

  3. Lovely but I think the bias bands at the neckline and waist must be a smaller print because it’s continuously XXX while the dress fabric has white and light blue solid areas.

    IMO, that’s two fabrics.

    But if anybody finds anything similar, please post.

  4. Hey Cidell, I emailed my source at mood and she sent me a few pics of similar fabrics in a silk jersey, send me your email address and I will send you the pics.
    mimigoodwin at mac dot com

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