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I actually used my sewing machine

I’m really falling apart over here 🙂 I can’t find the charger to my camera. Quite frankly. I can’t find my camera. So, my first trip to the sewing machine in a month is chronicled with a camera phone picture of garment on the table. Better than the floor, eh?

I generally don’t wear standard issue, boxy tee shirts. I don’t look good in them since my best feature is my waist to hip ratio. And, I get a LOT of tee shirts. I’m not comfortable sleeping in them and I don’t love them for the gym (when I go).  For a while I just started turning them down. For a bit I thought about a tee shirt quilt for all the sorority and work shirts. But, after this — I’m just gonna refashion them.

I had this BWOF tee traced out for about a year. It took me less than an hour from start to finish to make this. To be fair, I didn’t iron/press, I didn’t make a seam allowance and I whipped it up on the serger — with brown thread. Hey, what can I say. It’s 10 at night and I have to be at said festival at 7:00 a.m. all day for two days.

I specifically asked for an extra large shirt and managed to cut the front, back and sleeves from it. But, I had to take an old (and I mean at least five years old) red Volvo Ocean Cup staff tee shirt for the waist, collar and sleeve bands. I’ll try to get a photo in it tomorrow 🙂

Wanna see some fun photos? Check my friend’s photography blog for baseball pictures (scroll down to the end of the post). Did I mention Japan beat us 17 to 1. Brutal.

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You’ll Always Be BWTF to Me

We‘re making some changes! Beginning with our August issue, burda World of Fashion will be called burda style. We have modernized our image, but you‘ll still find the selection of stylish fashions to sew yourself that you expect from Burda. (emphasis mine)

— July 2009 Burda e-newsletter

Of course. Calling Burda BS also kind of makes sense sometimes too.

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Super Busy

Sewing is great, but, it doesn’t currently pay the bills. I’m not sewing and honestly probably won’t until September. Right now, I am coordinating a week-long baseball camp between Baltimore and Kawasaki, Japan.

The boys are all 15 and very nice.  Baltimore lost the first game, but our second game is Tuesday and we weren’t slaughtered Sunday — so, I have high hopes. Even better, my counterpart in Japan and I have developed such a great relationship, that all the gifts from the Japanese delegation are sewing related!

First this silk from the delegation

This piece is from the interpreter

And this?? Well, this my friends is from my counterpart in Kawasaki! She was in Tokyo and picked up a tape measure and pattern tracing wheel for me (I have the duller marking wheel but the red Clover pattern tracing wheel is new to me!).

Funny from the weekend?

That’s $500 worth of Rogaine on the floor of my car. It’s apparently hard to find and expensive in Japan. I was asked if I could buy some and handed  six $100 bills. After choking out a ‘yes’, I hit four stores to find about 10 boxes. Which, considering I have an entire collection of red Clover tools from my sewing friends like Ginevra and just asked Melissa to buy me BarryM nail polish, I’m not complaining at all!

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Observed: Marc Ecko

Last month at my uncle’s wedding, my artistic and adorable cousin Dexter wore a Marc Ecko jacket. I thought I would show some of the details I loved about it.

First, I wish I had come up with the name of the line  ‘Cut and Sew’. I loved reading the label!

I adore the embroidery / logo. A heart, scissors and spools of thread

They used contrast piping in the lining which makes the inside much more graphic and interesting than the outside.

I love this pocket detail

Oddly, I really don’t have photos from the outside and can’t even remember if he ended up wearing this jacket to the wedding!

Real quick, I sold the second Featherweight from earlier this summer last week. And, a friend in Cali bought a Kenmore 1040 — which I also own. I thought I would compare mine to show you how similar they are in size. Remember, a FW is straight stitch only. The Kennie has zig-zag, stretch and will do buttonholes. Also, the bobbin case isn’t $35 to replace 🙂 The Kenmore is a little heavier — maybe by a pound or two.

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Good and Bad

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, I did not get the graduate school fellowship I applied for (which I realize I never mentioned here). The good news is, that I don’t have to put my sewing machine away for the next two years while working on a masters in public administration.While I am personally disappointed (I was looking forward to proving to myself that I could be an academic), I did not relish the thought of being a student and giving up my free time again and sewing.


This past weekend was our annual Artscape in the City. I loved these street lights hanging over Charles St. I also loved that this guy asked me for my number.  I totally remembered that he had asked me for it over a year ago and never called. I remembered that because I didn’t want to give him my number the first time (player vibe). Yesterday, he asked me where I ‘liked to party’.   Trena says her usual response is ‘In my sewing room’.  I’m saving that one for next time 🙂

So, I have a few more book reviews coming: Pattern Magic II, Grosgrain Style, and the Fall-Winter 2010 Vogue Collections. Hopefully, during the next couple of weeks I’ll get to them.