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I may have to rethink this

This weekend I decided to tackle a muslin of my biker jacket. Like Brigitte and Lindsay T., I’ve been feeling inspired by the death of Michael Jackson. My parents were not big on ‘trendy’ clothing. But, the one thing they let me have at the height of fashion was a pair of sky blue parachute pants in about second grade. Between that and my Jerhi curl, I was a Michael Jackson clone. But, I digress.

I went with BWOF 5-2008-119 and it is a hot mess on me. And, let’s not talk about the 8 million little pieces of shearling that are now floating around my hardwood floors (and on my shorts and in my hair). Oy.

I cut a 40 instead of my usual 38 because I have found every BWOF jacket not to have enough wearing ease for me. This one was no different. It had way too much ease in the sleeve cap and not enough width in the bicep. Plus, the shoulder was hanging way off my shoulder.  I also felt terribly constricted. Ummm, yeah. So the sleeve on the left is the original with edits (tuck for sleeve ease and a lowered armsyce) and the one on the right is inside out because I cut it wrong. Whatev.

I fiddled around and

  • took out almost two inches of sleeve cap ease
  • lowered the armsyce by one inch
  • increased the bicep by one inch.

It’s painfully restricting across the back.  I also want to to try about a 1/2 inch to one inch FBA.

I honestly don’t know if I have the skilllset to tackle this because it has so many fit problems that are just beyond me. I’ve been hacking away at my pattern and need to make a second muslin. Whew. No fun trying on a fall jacket over a turtleneck in July 🙂 I need to sleep on it.

The muslin is faux leather shearling from Fabricmart because I think it’s the closet approximation to the denim backed sherpa I want to use. While I have four yards of my own to make the Boho Portebello Shearling Coat from Hot Patterns, this was a spare two yards I picked up from the ‘ugly’ fabric contest at PR Portland. One man’s treasure…