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I Hope You Like Book Reviews

I’ve received and added about half a dozen sewing and home decor books to my library in the last month that I would love to review for you. Since I probably won’t be sewing for at least the next couple of weeks, I hope you like book reviews 🙂

And, I won’t be sewing because I finally started the big move of my sewing room from the third bedroom to the basement. I hired two men from a local worker center and we spent about four hours bagging fabric, moving sewing furniture, books and machines to the basement. I also moved out an old sofa and bedroom furniture while moving in new-to-me bedroom furniture.  And it’s a bloody mess.

If you can’t take scenes of abhorrent clutter and disorganization, please skip to the bottom where I have a dinner party question for you.

Please, don’t judge.

Here is the old sewing room (soon to become a study / computer room /den). I um, need some boxes to totally move out.


Here is the basement (the fabric is in the room on the left). I, um, need some shelves. And lights. And a chisel to take out the faux fireplace. And a lot of paint to brighten up the knotty pine.


This was done yesterday, the last day of my four day weekend. And, I am bloody sore all over. I feel totally overwhelmed. I’m one sheet of paper from being on a tv show about decluttering.  It feels like I just moved in. I’m trying to take it one day at a time and leave it alone until next weekend.

Dinner Party Question

So, where are we on being asked how our love life is going? I’m just curious. Because, I never ask people how their marriage is going. But, I find myself at BBQs and dinner parties answering this question. Probably three too many times this weekend. Truth be told, I feel like if I have something to report, I’ll tell you. Logically, I know people are just  curious. But, it always feels like they don’t know what else to talk to me about.

So, am I being sensitive or is this a question you also avoid (asking or answering)?