Another Ghana Print in the Mix

Well, I spoke too soon. Last summer when the PR Mods came to Baltimore for a visit, I gifted another piece of Ghana print to Pyrose. I wasn’t sure what to do with it and she had admired my maxi dress. Well, she really made it in to something and posted it yesterday!

Trying not to be mad I gave it away because I think she really used an amazing pattern. Of course, it’s a Burda 🙂


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Glad you love dress. Although now I’m nervous you’ll come hunt me down. 😉

  2. That is one pretty maxi dress. I forgot to tell you–so is yours.

    These are my cup of tee. 🙂

  3. It looks wonderful on her, but if I were you, I’d be sorry I gave this one up. Obviously it just means you have to go back and buy more fabric.

  4. A number of things: That bedroom is soooo sweet, I could move in immediately. My dream though is to be more adventurous with colours…read wild!
    Next, before I even read your comment, I knew you had petted that pink kitchen…lol…I knew it was so you!

    Finally, So sorry that Pyrose’s picture couldn’t be enlarged because I’d have loved to see what exactly she did to that bodice. It is amazing the effect that she achieved. Give her more fabric Cidell!

    • Hello Heather!

      Thank you so much for your comment on Cidel’s page about me and my site!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can’t say enough about it. I love that you said:

      “…the ULTIMATE of sew-gasms” I WAS CRACKIN’ UP LAUGHIN’!!! LOVE IT!!

      Oh my God, I don’t know where to start. You wouldn’t believe how much work it is to put together those videos. I sew, I film – HOLDING THE CAMERA WHILE SEWING, I edit, and I post them all myself.

      The lack of not putting up videos isn’t from the low viewership/subscribers, but mostly from the lack of time/effort to put in all of the work by myself. I have been told by so many people: “You should go on ‘Project Runway’ and my response to that is: “I already went to private design school – a lot of those type of challenges, I did already.” And that’s not arrogant, it’s just that I don’t see my gift as having to compete with others. I just don’t and won’t compete. Project Runway is entertaining, but it doesn’t really TEACH or INFORM. Then, people told me: “You should try out for that Oprah Show contest. You could have your own show!!” But people don’t realize that having your “own show” isn’t really having your own show. It’s a legal play on words. At the end of the day, you are under contract and basically, I don’t want to be OWN-ED. Get it?

      Oprah Winfrey Network – Your OWN Show.

      If I’m going to have my “own show”, that means I will own my own studio, plan my own segments, own my own camera, and edit and produce my own material, and OWN my own intellectual property. I’ve had my “own show” for 2 years already, the only difference is that I don’t have the capital to EXPAND that show. It’s really not rocket science to do it, it’s just it takes one person to see what I’m doing to come forward and say: “Hey, you’re great – I want to help you make this bigger and better.”

      So, believe me, your comment about me and what I do, really goes a long way and makes me feel confirmed in what I am doing with this Gift that God has given me. Again, thanks Heather!

      : )
      Patrick Patterson

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