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Observed: Marc Ecko

Last month at my uncle’s wedding, my artistic and adorable cousin Dexter wore a Marc Ecko jacket. I thought I would show some of the details I loved about it.

First, I wish I had come up with the name of the line  ‘Cut and Sew’. I loved reading the label!

I adore the embroidery / logo. A heart, scissors and spools of thread

They used contrast piping in the lining which makes the inside much more graphic and interesting than the outside.

I love this pocket detail

Oddly, I really don’t have photos from the outside and can’t even remember if he ended up wearing this jacket to the wedding!

Real quick, I sold the second Featherweight from earlier this summer last week. And, a friend in Cali bought a Kenmore 1040 — which I also own. I thought I would compare mine to show you how similar they are in size. Remember, a FW is straight stitch only. The Kennie has zig-zag, stretch and will do buttonholes. Also, the bobbin case isn’t $35 to replace 🙂 The Kenmore is a little heavier — maybe by a pound or two.

11 thoughts on “Observed: Marc Ecko

  1. Only real sewing fiends like us would look at the inside of a garment and forget what the exterior looked like!

  2. Love the Marc Ecko jacket – full of details that will likely only be seen by the wearer/owner. Oddly enough, those are the kind of things that mean a lot to the person who knows a garment has been personally made just for him/her, but seems a bit salesy or amateurish when done for a commercial enterprise, dontcha think? Not to take anything away from Marc Ecko, of course, but a craftman’s manifesto on the inside label probably doesn’t help the company’s bottom line much. I admire the effort nonetheless.

    1. It seems like Ecko is trying too hard.

      When I hear “artistic” in this context, I can’t but think of Paul Rudnick, the proudly gay playright and humorist who in one of his personae talks about male relatives who are so “creative” no one’s waiting for a waiting invitation (in the days before same-sex marriage, of course).

      I wish I could see the entire jacket to make a judgment. I guess I can Google it.

  3. I have a Brother, a Janome and 2 Singers (modern). I have a White serger. 2 of my 3 daughters have relatively new Kenmores. They are pretty lightweight, straightforward and easy to use (which is required to get non-passionate teenagers to sew). I was using my 1909 White treadle machine last week, when the thread lifter arm broke. I know someone in a machine shop who will make me one if I can’t find a replacement, luckily for me! I love seeing your machines!

  4. Last week at my quilt class a lady brought in her featherweight to work on her quilt. Since they only weigh 11 pounds (I think mine must weigh about 30!) they are easy to take to a class. I really do want one. The straight stitch only is a drawback though

  5. So, uh, have you given up sewing, or are you working on some top-secret project that you’re going to wow us all with?

  6. I am a little late getting a comment in here! But just wanted to say that I would like to have a Singer FW but I love, love, love my little Kennie!

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